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Five Stones Press is excited to share this complementary summary by authors Dr. Scott Silverii and Pastor Adam McCain as they created Favored Not Forgotten: Embrace the Season, Thrive in Obscurity, Activate Your Purpose. We trust you’ll enjoy this gift & thank you for ordering your very own copy of Favored Not Forgotten: Embrace the Season, Thrive in Obscurity, Activate Your Purpose.


Pastor Adam McCain and Chief of Police Scott Silverii, PhD combine their experiences to write about a subject that has profoundly influenced each of their lives; obscurity. Both men were called by God to leave highly successful seasons in their respective careers with preconceived expectations for obedience.

While Adam's spirit-led influence allowed him to rise to the top of a Christian occupation as a bible college president and global speaker, Scott's command leadership promoted him to a top law enforcement position and national subject matter expert. Still, both heard the same calling to leave their esteemed careers and serve God in furthering the kingdom.

Both men soon realized that their expressions of "trading up" on their expectation of God's calling actually led each into seasons of obscurity. It was through their individual walks in the wilderness that they received their true calling, which coincidently wasn't what either expected.

A simple Sunday visit to Adam's church ignited a friendship, a shared testimony and a co-authoring opportunity to guide you through what you may perceive as a dark time in life when in reality, it is the preparation for an incredible gifting and the activation of your new anointing in life. Learn how to Embrace the Season, Thrive in Obscurity, and Activate your Purpose in this exciting promise from God, and always remember that you are Favored, Not Forgotten.

Religion & Spirituality
September 27
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