Fix It: YOU! Eliminate the 5 Enemies Inside of You that are Making You Unhappy

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Face it, you're currently going through life as a broken form of yourself. A YOU that isn’t quite where you should be in life. You know this deep down if you've never learned how to fix you from the core outward. If you’re truly happy with yourself and your life, read no further. This book isn’t for you. But if you’re honest with yourself, you know that you need some fixing. Enter Fix It – YOU.

Greg Perry’s bestseller cuts through all the crap you read in self-help books and drills down to the 5 essential things you need to fix within yourself to live a better, more productive, happier life.

In Fix It – YOU, you’ll discover:
• How to use a “cascade wave” that sweeps up your major problems and fixes the smaller ones at the same time... effortlessly... quickly improving your day-to-day life almost immediately!
• Why you’re totally wrong about what your REAL problems are and what to do about it!
• How you’ve been scammed into a “confidence game” that will make you anything but confident and happy!
• The one trait that separates winners from whiners and how you can easily grab it for yourself!
• The “King Key” for master control of your life that is so close, yet so far for most people!
• The “relationship trend” that is causing so many people to be completely unhappy!
• A secret Donald Trump trick that pretty much forces you up the “happiness meter”!
• One specific thing the government does that deliberately ruins the happiness of people!
• How to stop thinking tomorrow will be different and start making today different!
• A simple 2-second technique to instantly project confidence... it’s the most powerful confidence builder in the world (nothing is better)!
• An easy body language “act” that controls those you talk to in a positive way!
• The “killing-questions” you should avoid when talking to anyone about anything!
• How Jay Leno stopped having “butterflies” from performing in front of millions of people!
• The one and only thing you must do if you can’t do something!
• How to instantly erase pressure and allow yourself to truly relax and enjoy life!
• The four key questions you need to ask yourself in order to solve YOUrself quickly and efficiently!
• How to use a cool trick to make the conversations in your head more productive!
• The truth on why you tend to avoid people whenever possible (this is true even for extroverts)!
• The surprising role intolerance plays in your life and how to use it to make yourself a better, happier person!
• One tactic that makes people instantly loyal to you!
• And so much more!

The bottom line is this: if you want to be happier than you are today, you need to make a change and take action. But change is hard. Taking action is hard. Fix it – YOU shows you how to make it easy. You owe it to yourself to fix you and turn yourself into a better version of YOU. The alternative is to remain as you are, not truly happy and not moving forward.

The choice is yours to make. Get Fix it – YOU today and you'll be reversing YOU internally for the better by evening!

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March 30
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