Fixing Frank Fixing Frank

Fixing Frank

Suzanne Brockmann Presents: A California Comedy #3

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Publisher Description

Suzanne Brockmann Presents a new series of category romance novellas set in Southern California, written by Jason T. Gaffney with Ed Gaffney. Short, spicy, and funny, the California Comedy series puts the comedy in rom-com.

First grade teacher Terry O’Dell is thrilled when he’s chosen as a contestant on Fixing Our Future, a popular reality web series where the winner raises money for charity. A few weeks of light-hearted challenges and fun competition is exactly the kind of distraction he needs to get over his breakup with his fiancé. But when Terry learns that handsome landscaper Frank Vacca is another contestant on the show, his excitement turns to dread. Because Terry’s ex ran off with Frank’s ex. It’s only a matter of time before their embarrassing personal history is exploited by the show’s producers, in hopes of going viral with on-camera tears and maybe a table flip or two.

But Frank is not the kind of guy who waits for life to happen to him, and he decides to fight fire with fire. When their secret is exposed, he impulsively declares that he and Terry are better than ever, because they, too, have hooked up—in fact, they’re engaged. Already popular, the pair instantly becomes internet royalty. Of course it’s all a sham, and only a matter of time before the truth comes crashing down. But then, Frank and Terry—long at odds and constantly arguing—actually begin to fall for each other. And that’s when things really start to go wrong…

(33,000 words or 140 pages)

June 12
Suzanne Brockmann Books
Suzanne Brockmann Gaffney

Customer Reviews

No faking it ,

Sweet, funny, the whole package.

Love finding new romcom author(s) whose books I enjoy. Read Terry and Frank’s reality show experience aka “Tanky” (gotta love it). Not a fan of reality shows, but this book was great. And, at least they were competing for charities, so how can you not root for them? So well written.

This book was presented by Suzanne Brockmann who’s one of the best writers of the romcom and sometimes just serious romance (featuring SEALs, FBI, law enforcers, and good ole civilians alike). Even her most heavy include a touch of humor, which makes me a fan.

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