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Excerpt: When the woman got up a few stops later and left, Alice found herself on her own again and wondered if the chance to play was going to come along. She had left late in the afternoon and as she sat looking out of the window the evening darkness slowly began to descend. Just as she was debating making a move somewhere else, the bus made a stop and Alice heard footsteps coming up the stairs. She saw the head of one and then another man coming up the stairs. Before the men saw her, she quickly parted her thighs a little, knowing that it would likely put her stocking tops and more on view. Alice turned her head a little to look out of the window, but could still glimpse the two men walking up the aisle. They were definitely looking at her and Alice felt the excitement rush through her body wondering exactly what she was showing. She moved a little in the seat and parted her thighs a little more. The men sat down a little forward of her, but glanced around every so often and were obviously enjoying what they could see.

Alice kept looking out of the window, pretending that she wasn’t paying any attention to the two men, but she could see them putting their heads together every so often and chatting. They were obviously discussing her and Alice could feel her heartbeat starting to race as she wondered what was going to happen. Finally the men turned around and made it obvious that they were staring. Alice smiled to herself and parted her thighs wider, knowing that they would get a good look at her freshly shaved p....

Fiction & Literature
July 11
J. Little
Smashwords, Inc.

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