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FLAVR, a portable visual reference for photographers using photographic film stocks both past and present.  Take the guess work out of evaluating exposure, contrast, dynamic range and tonal graduation for over one hundred different films.  FLAVR...  THE film lovers analogue visual reference.

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February 20
Gustav Kollar
Gus Kollar

Customer Reviews

MF Brooklyn ,

Great Reference Book

Definitely a book that I been searching for in my journy with shooting film. Gives great examples of the colors and tone you get with different film, showing that you can achieve many looks. I recommended this book to all of my fellow colleagues who are just now shooting film. I hope that this series continues!

bwreviews ,

Great ref for portraits, missing some film

Great summary book of film and very helpful to have as a quick reference, vs searching online like flickr, google, or YouTube film reviews. Extremely thankful for the excellent work done in compiling this book and example images shot of a beautiful blond “Shirley card” model. Of course different subjects (and ethnicities) may photograph better with different films, so take that all into perspective. This book is especially useful if looking for different moody films for portraiture.

Some of the issues I’ve encounter that I would love to see resolved if a v2 ever comes back out - perhaps with TMAX3200 and the-new Ektachrome (whenever available). Book also serves as a great reference to films from days ago.

Issues: 1) the history details of the film are too short, more critical feedback and analysis would be helpful with regards to latitude, reciprocity, resolution, highlight and shadow detail or emphasis, etc. 2) the “contact sheet” images examples of -1, 0, +1 stop exposure are useful - but then only a full page of the proper exposure is shown on the next page - and it doesn’t even look like the contact sheet!?! I presume the contact sheet is not color calibrated but the full page spread is? 3) Missing films: Fuji Pro 160NS - really wanted to look this up just now.