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✔ Simple no-nonsense explanations
✔ No difficult poses
✔ Progressions
✔ Paying attention to often neglected areas
✔ Gain mobility and flexibility to ward off any injuries
✔ Possibly even alleviate or fix back problems
✔ The art of movement

Great for people in their 30's, 40's and 50's who want to regain the freedom to move, and more importantly, retain the freedom to move till their 60's, 70's and 80's.

Increase your performance and reduce the chance of injury during kettlebell training, CrossFit, martial arts, or other physical activities.

This book is for kettlebell enthusiasts, BJJ/MMA fighters, Crossfitters and fitness enthusiasts.

These may be the only stretches you'll ever need to work the whole body from every angle, injury-proof yourself, increase range of motion and strength at the same time. Comes with alternatives and detailed descriptions.

These are not some collection of what's cool or the hip thing to do, these are the movements, exercises, and stretches that I've been using for years, and will keep using.

Most of what's covered in the book is done with just bodyweight alone, i.e. nothing else is required, a small section is performed with a kettlebell, but this can quite easily be replaced by a dumbbell or other type of weight.

Everyone learns differently, this is why I'll duplicate information in such a way that it's explained in more technical terms and also in basic terms. 

Got back pain?

As a hiker, BJJ practitioner, crossfitter, kettlebell enthusiast, and heavy lifter myself, I sometimes experience joints out of place. After performing some of the movements covered in this book I hear/feel things moving back into place. With that said, I've not had to visit a chiropractor for many years. I certainly think that there are some good chiropractors out there, and for certain people who lack the knowledge, a chiro is highly recommended, even by me, someone who prefers to rather gain the knowledge and/or handle everything himself.


Before you go buy this book thinking that this is about gaining huge muscles and insane strength, allow me to explain why I have the word “strength” in the title. The strength you will gain from this book is that which is hidden in the form of isometric contraction, core strength from some of the movements, and strength from the small section dedicated to mobility through resistance. I mention this now as I don't want to disappoint you. If you're after a good book to gain strength, search for THE BIG FOUR strength program or Master The Kettlebell Press, all by Cavemantraining.


This book explains the movements, it gives you ideas, it does not however  program the exercise for you, i.e. do this many reps, repeat for this many rounds, hold for this amount of time etc. There is a reason for it. Programming is specific to the person, there is no one size fits all. Hence, I explain the exercise, give ideas on how to use them, it's up to you to program them by listening to your body. 


If high-quality, photo model, top-notch photography is what you're after, don't buy this book. Again, I want you to get what you're after and not be disappointed. I basically shoot my own photos, either on a timer, or with my wife or son. I then process them through Lightroom and play with it, I enjoy this process. I did not hire some hotshot photographer to make the photos. One day when these books start paying enough money to live off, I will hire some photo models and a hotshot photographer and redo all photos. For now, these will have to do. 


This is the stuff you need to do to feel and move well. We all know how to do the bicep curls, bench press, deadlift, and whatever else to look good, but we tend to neglect the work and time we should invest in ourselves to give back, to stay injury free, to move better, and all this will translate into better performance and results in other areas of your life and training.


All the exercises in this book are explained, but as an added bonus I include some videos to cover additional movements that are not part of the book. 


This book is poorly made. Hah. Yes, I have had this feedback on two other books, and I take feedback seriously, I do not want you to feel like you wasted your money, I take pride in the work I provide, I invest a tremendous amount of time into the work, I do the best I can to translate and describe that which I know can help people across the world. If that is not good enough for you, I'm  available to chat about this, to answer your questions, and to help you in person. No payment required, assuming the topic is the book you purchased, and the question is within reason. My point being, read the information I present to you prior to buying, then make up your mind about whether this is the right info and presented in the way that's going to work for you. Peace.

July 1
Taco Fleur

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