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Everyone is good. Sometimes they just do evil things. Despite the loss of Calloway’s parents, the torment he deals with at Fresno High School for being poor, and the responsibility of the entire world on his shoulders, he still believes life is worth living—even if it isn’t.

The only things he has left are the gifts his father left behind, a glowing orb and a picking knife. Calloway doesn’t understand the use of these gifts. The globe only responds to him, shining in the darkness at his command. And his knife can open any lock. But what are they for?

After Calloway steals the Kirin book from the Grandiose Historian Library, he is hunted by the Hara-Kirs, an ancient race that seeks to harbor the essence of all humans. Constantly looking over his shoulder, Calloway doesn’t understand why he’s being followed. And, more importantly, why he hasn’t been killed. The creatures had the chance many times, but his life has never been claimed.

With the help of his two friends, they decode the ancient text and investigate the portal that leads to the other side. The Anti-Life. During their research, Calloway realizes his father may not be dead after all. But if he isn’t, where is he? Why would his father abandon him? Did he ever love Calloway? His friends suspect his father was actually a Hara-Kir, which was how Calloway received the gifts, but Calloway refuses to believe it. His father was a good man. He’ll prove it.

Weston, the girl that Calloway immediately feels connected to, is the leader of the White Wing, a group of warriors that fight against the Hara-Kirs. But she doesn’t trust Calloway. All the information works against him. If his father was a Hara-Kir, what is he?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 4
Fallen Publishing
Erika Todd

Customer Reviews

K&M2133 ,

I truly enjoyed this YA book

I was thrilled when I was asked to read and review the Flight of Life, the first book of the series. This was the first book I read by E.L. Todd, and I can't wait to read more. I enjoyed the style of writing and I enjoyed the story. I enjoyed the describing details, the way it lures you into the story, painting a perfect picture.

The story began just perfectly luring the reader into the story. The library scene catches you and there is no going back. You simply don't want to. You want to see how the story develops. You want to read more about the Hira-kirs and about Calloway and his journey. You meet a couple of his friends and you see the way he handles bullying. Calloway has great character. I enjoyed his humility.

This is a great YA book. I truly enjoyed this book and I'm looking forward to reading the second book of this series.

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