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The TV host turned motivational speaker teaches you to change your life by changing your perspective in this entertaining and informative “must read!” (Vivica A. Fox, actress and bestselling author of Every Day I’m Hustling).
Life can be complicated and messy, but every now and then it lands you on a major network syndicated talk show—and then fires you for being “all icing and no cake.” Sound familiar? AJ’s Hollywood career may be unique, but his many struggles are all-too relatable. And he shares them all in this rollicking, raw, and inspiring self-help memoir.
AJ’s journey from a closeted gay boy in Ohio to that guy people kinda, sorta recognize from TV was anything but glossy. Let’s just say he knows what you feel like whenever you find yourself scrolling social media comparing yourself to others.
Luckily, AJ has a gift for shifting his perspective and finding a way to persevere each time the world seems to be telling him he was born to fail. He also knows that we all have problems and he’s here to help. The true stories in Flipping the Script will make you laugh, encourage you to fight for happiness, and inspire you to turn your own rock bottom moments into your proudest accomplishments.

Health, Mind & Body
September 15
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Customer Reviews

Yami19852003 ,

An amazing book from an amazing human being

This book is not only a great read, but this is also an amazing tool when we need to take stock of our lives and do some internal ”spring cleaning”. AJ makes it feel like we are not going this alone. Thank you, AJ, for this masterpiece.

Add TheDevo5 Now!!!! ,

This book is absolutely amazing!

If you have not purchased this book yet. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! This book is for everyone those stuck in a rut those coming out of a rut, those who made it out of a rut, and those who may be just beginning to sink into a rut. No matter what this book can and will give you the fuel and knowledge on how to turn it into your best moments to date.

The book is such an inspiration to always keep going and striving for higher no matter what. The book shows the true power of storytelling and how impactful it can be not only for the sake of others but for yourself! It’s also always great to see an author of books like these live what they talk about and AJ truly does that.

Can’t wait to have more from AJ.