Flipspace: Jaded Mars, Missions 16-18

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Flipspace: Jaded Mars, 16, 17, 18.

Surpassing the speed of light remained elusive in 2170’s. However, the trick was to hold still to swap out spatial locations. For Colonel Sumitra Ramachandra, Major Lamarr Fitch, Captain Malcolm O’Connell and the rest of the ISS Mockingbird’s crew jumping between solar systems is just the start of their wondrous, sometimes zany and often perilous missions. The future of aerospace defense stretches far above the blue yonder.

16: Reunion – 17,600 words

Colonel Ramachandra’s mission takes the ISS Mockingbird to the exoplanet Gaia 1001R and the alien diplomatic space station in orbit. Yet, flying out the consulate staff and supplies for the International Space Organization is no simple assignment. Major Fitch and Corporal Ash both take an interest in the diplomat. An ISO astronaut calls on Captain O’Connell to reach far into his past to teach firefighting to aliens from the all-ocean planet. The newest member of the Ghostwalkers security force team must prove her worth to Rama and the Ghostwalkers. All the while, human and alien secrets come to light.

17: Outliers – 18,300 words

A violent encounter ensues between the aliens of Gaia 1001R and a ship from the Jade Continuum. Colonel Rama is tasked with tracking the ship to uncover the Continuum’s motives. Before departing the consulate space station of Gaia 1001R, Rama is given a subtle warning by another diplomat. On discovery of a wandering star system, the ISS Mockingbird is attacked by yet another unidentified aggressor. Outgunned, Rama orders Major Fitch to evacuate most of the crew, while she lures the attackers away. The loss of lives is just the start of bad news revealed to the crew.

18: Exiled Terrestrial – 19,200 words

It’s New Years, and with it starts a relationship for Colonel Rama. On leave and dating, she is unaware another ISV-71 Raven is sent to rescue the AI, Khronos, missing since the Astraeus Event. After they come up empty handed, Rama is ordered to assist the investigation of suspicious ties between an RSCI firm, Star Labs Inc. and the Jade Continuum. She, Major Fitch, and Chief Anders prepare the crew for entering the frozen wild-west culture of an RSCI habitat in the Kuiper Belt. Todd Ash is kidnapped by a forgotten nemesis, making Captain O’Connell feel helpless under a debilitating condition.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 15
Melange Books, LLC
Draft2Digital, LLC

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