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An all new flirty, lighthearted, standalone romance by New York Times bestselling author K. Bromberg guaranteed to make you swoon. 


Blakely Foxx is having one of those years. 

Her divorce may have been finalized a few months ago, but her ex is already engaged to someone half her age. Her younger boss is determined to sabotage her chance at getting the promotion she rightly deserves. And to make matters worse, she’s closing in on the big 4-0. There isn’t enough wine or ice cream in the world to convince her things will turn around.

When Blakely meets Slade Henderson, she’s left wondering why an early-thirties, hotter than hell, cardiothoracic surgeon would take an interest in her. 

She’s been warned that he’ll break her heart, but she’s willing to take the chance. Not only is he helping her get that promotion, but in the process, he’s encouraging her to find the parts of herself she’s lost over the past few years. 

Slade shows her that good guys really do exist, but who knew the hardest part about turning forty would be realizing the man you thought was a rebound, is actually your happily ever after?

September 15
JKB Publishing, LLC
Kristy Bromberg

Customer Reviews

2loveSug ,


I love romance and this book puts similes on your face. Believing this could be possible.

Lexy H. ,

Perfect light read!

Holy swoon! Flirting with 40 is everything I needed! With everything going on in the world right now; I wasn’t in the mood for an extremely serious book, so this book was absolutely perfect. It was light, it was funny and Slade is so swoon worthy! The chemistry between Blakey and Slade was amazing. I was laughing out loud at times and loving everything. These two stole my hearts.

Luludx5 ,

Flirting With Forty - Flirty & Fun

What a great funny, flirty rom com!!! Kristy Bromberg gives us everything we want just the way it should be with the flair only she can in this new book. Blakely Foxx is having a tough time. Facing forty, still struggling with her divorce from her ex who is now getting married to a woman half her age and fighting for a promotion that her boss doesn't think she is worthy of, Blakely just can seem to find the energy and self esteem to make what she wants happen. But then she meets Slade Henderson, the very, and yes GQ very, hot almost 10 years younger cardiothoracic surgeon at a bar. They don't exactly hit it off right away but as fate would have it the push and pull and inevitable chemistry begins. Slade is completely off the charts swoon worthy and is there for Blakely as she navigates her way. I really did love this feel good book. It should definitely be your next 1 click!!!

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