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Florence Nightingale was not only a fascinating and influential woman in history; she also had an outstanding career as a nurse and paved the way for women in medicine, as well as contributed to vast improvements in healthcare.  Her story is nothing short of inspirational.  From a very young age, she was on a mission to care for others and there are many lessons to be learned from her perseverance and courage.  This interactive eBook offers a motivational and challenging insight into how this amazing woman worked and lived!  She used her time well and we can learn how we can do likewise. She defied convention and trailblazed an amazing career, providing much needed care many soldiers during the Crimea War, contributing to critical areas such as post-operative care which saved countless lives.

This book on the amazing life of Florence Nightingale also features a range of engaging and educational elements that support inspirational learning. Browse a fascinating photo archive that visually documents Florence Nightingale's life and experiences. Develop your understanding of what she achieved and how she did it through a series of study notes. A dramatised audio adaptation of the book is also featured, which brings her story to life in a very unique way. An interactive quiz at the end of each chapter enables you to test your new knowledge on his amazing life.

Educational BioViews® are short biographical stories, similar to interviews. Titles from the Amazing Leader Series offer a new way of learning about amazing people who made major contributions to our world. 

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