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This photography book is about falling in love with your life. Not about changing it, or wishing it was someone else’s, but about slowing down to truly experience and appreciate the beauty of your life, exactly the way it is right now. Flow-tography reveals the secret power of beauty as a source of creative energy and wellbeing. This book offers a way to cultivate your relationship with the mystical in daily life by seeing and photographing the world through the eyes of your Curious Soul. Whether you are just starting out or have been taking photos for years, you will benefit from this fresh approach to looking through the lens. Don’t be surprised if after reading this book you see your photos with a new sense of awe and wonder. You may even be thinking, wow did I take that photo? The answer will be yes, yes, yes! Do you long to have this experience more often, not by chance, but by choice? Then, Flow-tography's intuitive approach can help you do just that.

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January 23
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Customer Reviews

Koshen ,


As a lifetime professional photographer I appreciate the revelations in this book about what makes a remarkable photograph.
About having the wherewithal to allow an image to be captured in a camera. It is definitely about being courageous enough to be sensitive, getting out of the way mentally to receive the image that inspired.
It is an aspect of being creative that is rarely put forth and so, Bravo.
There is much to savor in this book.

Mr. Wundekammer ,

loved it!

Suzanne writes clearly and passionately, and her pictures are great and can help you get more of the once in a lifetime photos you want! It's not the camera that makes a great photograph it's the person taking the picture! We don't TAKE great pictures, they are given to us, but first we have to see them. So much great stuff in this book, thanks again to the writer!

Digitalart ,


If this book helps me take pictures anywhere near as stunning as the ones in this book, I will be delighted. I love the Eight Patterns of Beauty and will take them with me on my next photo outing. This is an empowering and inspirational book.