Molten Salt Reactors, Aqueous Homogeneous Reactors, Fluoride Reactors, Chloride Reactors, Liquid Metal Reactors and Why Liquid Fission

James A. Lane and Others
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A landmark book written at Oak Ridge National Laboratory under the auspices of the Atomic Energy Commission as part of its Atoms for Peace program. FLUID FUEL REACTORS approaches to the subject of nuclear power from a chemical standpoint, rather than from the point of view of mechanical engineering.

Today, the value of this approach has (finally) been recognized by venture capitalists such as Peter Thiel, philanthropists such as Bill Gates, and policy makers in Washington who have recently been passing advanced-reactor friendly legislation year after year.

China's Navy is funding the Chinese Academy of Science Thorium Molten Salt Reactor program. The DoE (through GAIN) has funded essential Molten Salt research in the United States. Canada has funded Molten Salt research, and is currently conducting a pre-licensing vendor review. Dr. Anil Kokodkar, the former-head of India's nuclear program has stated, given a do-over he'd have pursued a liquid fuel (as opposed to a conventional solid fuel) approach to advanced nuclear.

Molten Salt Reactor startups are flourishing, and typically, a single copy of FLUID FUEL REACTORS can be found in their head-office. The founders of these startups are driven to provide clean energy to developing nations, and replace today's polluting energy options which power western industry and prosperity.

First printed in 1958, FLUID FUEL REACTORS continues to be cited as a useful reference by ORNL engineers, MSR startup employees, and those in academia. Alvin Weinberg suggested people should re-examine "dusty old books" such as FLUID FUEL REACTORS in his last recorded public interview (2 years before his death) at the University of Tennessee on 2004.

Used physical copies have sold online for well over $1,000.

60 years after FLUID FUEL REACTORS was first published, it can now, for the first time, be enjoyed on digital reading devices, in a manner that supports adjustable font sizes and easy-to-read formatting.

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September 1
Gordon James McDowell
Gordon McDowell