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The third enthralling story in the Flame Moon series by K.J. Jackson. 

A dark path is calling, and though she fights it, Skye soon finds herself lost in the most important battle of her life. A fight for control over her very own soul. 

Watching his wife crumble from the inside out, Aiden is forced into the hardest decisions of his life. Decisions that will either save or damn Skye. 

While Aiden and Skye fight the darkness within, Charlotte and Triaten find themselves swept up by an outside force that is determined to end their bond. 

Fate and the flame moon threaten them all, and the four friends must find a way to band together against the evil that threatens all of humanity. 

The Flame Moon series is intended for mature audiences. There is violence, sexual situations, and harsh language.

April 22
AWD Publishing
Kristina Koshiol

Customer Reviews

El G MA ,

Flame Moon series

Flame Moon grabbed my attention, Skye, Aiden, Triaten, Charlotte, Shiv, DamenHelene, each character drawing me in more and more.. And now Flux Moon is done and I need the stories to continue. What gifts does baby Alexander have? What baby will Skye have a girl? What about Helen will she find peace difficult to control? So many stories waiting, please write them soon. I need more don't you?

LvsAGoodBkNWine ,

Flame Moon series

Absolutely loved all three books. Full of adventure, suspense and especially love. I am anxiously awaiting for the next book to know what Damon and Shiv's adventure will bring.

Evells ,

Flame Moon series

I really disliked this series. It had a super good premise, and in all fairness, the last few chapters were good, but the rest was awful. All three books could have been condensed into one or two, if you cut out all of the redundant conversations, adults with teenage angst, and gratuitous sex. It got incredibly boring. I also, got a headache for all of my eye rolling. I just know this could have been good, but unfortunately, it wasn't.

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