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The game has changed.

Rook is a wisecracking hacker, a shapeshifter who prefers the name ‘were-crow,’ and former underling to a Talented crime boss. But as supernatural powers go, he’s no heavy hitter.

After a job blew up in his face, Rook thought the worst thing he’d have to deal with was criminal unemployment. But when he starts losing his mind to mysterious voices, being broke takes a backseat. And once his apartment goes up in smoke, Rook knows he’s in trouble.

Out of his depth and trying to dig his way out of a hole not entirely of his own making, Rook must put his survival—and his sanity—in the hands of people who have their own mysterious reasons for helping him.

With trust in short supply and time ticking down, Rook will need to find a way to make this uneasy alliance work before even more of his life goes up in flames.

"I was impressed with the seamless consistency, despite being written by two authors. Cris and Clare’s writing blended perfectly to showcase this underground urban world of thieves, hackers, grifters, shapeshifters and magic wielders.”

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 30
Clare Meyers
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Customer Reviews

Flemingo35 ,

Loved this book!

I really enjoyed the first installment in the Criminal Elements series (Playing with Fire), but Fly By Night was even better. The authors' ability to capture Rook's voice and the flow of his thoughts kept me in every minute of the story. This story does have a frenetic pace to it (because that's how Rook is), but that adds to the flow and plot.

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