Flying Fillies

The Sky's the Limit

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FLYING FILLIES: The Sky's the Limit is an engaging WW2 book for kids. This entertaining and educational YA historical fiction dives into an immersive adventure story, celebrating the resilience and bravery of female aviators, known as Women Airforce Service Pilots, WASPs of WW2.
In the wake of the shocking attack on Pearl Harbor, America is thrust into World War II. Amidst this turbulent backdrop, every citizen is called to play their part—including twelve-year-old Dawn Springfield. Facing personal struggles of moving, adjusting to a new school, and losing her beloved horse, now Dawn suddenly finds herself faced with the terrifying reality of war.
Choosing courage over fear, Dawn volunteers at the nearby Avenger Field in Sweetwater, Texas, where her Aunt Georgia is part of the groundbreaking WASP program. This pivotal yet often overlooked war initiative trains civilian women to fly military planes, thus freeing up their male counterparts to serve on the front lines. Dawn watches these fearless women, whom she affectionately terms 'The Flying Fillies.' Their stories of strength, sacrifice, and resilience in overcoming adversity inspire her deeply.
This WW2 children's book isn't just historical fiction. It weaves the thrill of a horse adventure with a coming-of-age story set in one of history's most critical periods. The result is a testament to female empowerment and self-discovery, making it a fun and educational read for kids.
Accompanied by a rich collection of archival images and a glossary of relevant terms, FLYING FILLIES is more than just a kid's historical adventure story. It's a time capsule transporting readers to the heart of the world in conflict from a unique perspective. The stories of the real WW2 female pilots are vividly brought to life, igniting a love for history in young readers. A valuable supplement to the history curriculum in the classroom, libraries, and homeschool environments, this book is a top recommendation for educators, teachers, and parents.
With its rich tapestry of adventure, self-empowerment, and positive role models, FLYING FILLIES is an excellent choice for families seeking engaging and meaningful content for their children.
Embark on this inspiring journey through WWII history with Dawn. Get your copy today and experience the fascinating world of the WASP, where dreams, courage, and the enduring spirit of adventure come together to show that the sky's the limit.

Ages 8+

Select Book Reviews:

"An engrossing tale of women fighting for a chance to defend their country." — Kirkus Reviews

"Flying Fillies is a top recommendation for libraries . . . . The engrossing history and psychological pull of the story bring the era and its women to life . . . . Advanced elementary to middle-grade readers receive an enlightening tale of World War II . . ." — Midwest Book Review

"Flying Fillies is inspirational and informative—perfect for fans of historical fiction and horse lovers alike." — The Children's Book Review

"The WASP were some of the bravest female pilots in American history. . . . I'm delighted to see the WASP story spotlighted in this engaging historical fiction. Now children across the globe can learn about these extraordinary women through this inspiring tale." — Lisa Taylor, Executive Director of The National WASP WWII Museum

"Hui's historical novel is an excellent book for young readers, boys and girls. It will inspire young people with the daring and exciting lives of people who made a difference in the world. This book could easily be used in a classroom as an assigned text or available for eager readers or a wonderful companion to a home library." — Steve F. 6th Grade Teacher

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