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Marlin Todd is a young man with a bright future, a pilots license--and a drinking problem.

During a night of hard partying in Hyannis, Massachusetts, in 1983, Marlin wins an old watch from a retired Pan Am pilot. The odd thing is, he cant recall too many details about the actual game of pool he played with the man. And his prize he won changes his life abruptly and profoundly.

He begins to experience things he cant understand and strange dreams that seem too real to be just dreams. Soon, the line between reality and imagination becomes perilously blurry for him. Sleep deprivation and crushing anxiety begin to take their toll, and Marlin begins to fear that he is losing his mind. He struggles to understand which reality is the one he can trust.

Then one night, a family tragedy is brought to vivid life when Marlin wakes up on Midway Island in 1938. Knowing his beloved grandfather was a pilot onboard the Hawaii Clipper, a Pan Am flying boat that disappeared somewhere between Guam and Manila in 1938, Marlin willingly becomes part of the Clippers ill-fated crew. Lost in an episode, and despite escalating tensions aboard, Marlin struggles to save his grandfather from an untimely death. It doesnt take him long, however, to discover that changing the past isnt quite as easy as it may seem.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 7

Customer Reviews

Qiitxx ,

Plot in circles

This book started off great. But at the end it had to many questions unanswered. like the who, what, and why of Marlin's time travel . I don't want to give away the end, but it turns out that Marlin was something different from the beginning of the story. I shook my head on that. And the biggest part was the unrealistic stereotypical portrayal of PBA first black pilot Clay.

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