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STUCK IN A VIDEO GAME and facing certain death, Flynn takes his only option. He steps through a portal. . .

The second book in the series, Flynn's Log 2: Thorn's Lair, finds Flynn on the other side of the portal.

Flynn and friends travel into a terrifying place and face never before seen masses of mobs! Flynn discovers why he is in the game and learns how to exit, but it will not be easy.

To fulfill his destiny he must make a dangerous journey. With the help of his friends both digital and physical, will Flynn get out?

About the Flynn's Log series: In the near future, video games begin to change and evolve. Random bits of data create a virtual intelligence that takes over the digital world. A digital crisis is born, bringing the real world to a halt. The only person who can save the world is Flynn, but he needs help from his friends, the Hackers.

“Very thrilling idea and plot.” -Michelle Au

“One of the best books since the 'The Lost Hero'. With one-liners, cliff hangers, and a super-intelligent ultra spider” -Tayo Fafunwa

“My son really enjoys this series so far, keeps him reading every day! After he finished this book he was even interested in reading other subjects because he felt more confident to read a chapter book.” -Montana Mom

Young Adult
May 25
Stone Marshall Publishing
Nathan Lawrence
Grades 3-17

Customer Reviews

Popsicle yum yum ,

Great Book!

This book is better than the first! I love this series. It combines action with Minecraft. I would suggest this series to all people!

🍭😩🐗😠 ,

Awesome book

At the start of the book I wasn't sure if I'd like it but once I got into it it became a great book.
Highly recommend.


Des907 ,

It's great not excellent

It's like that because most of the time they talked and nothing awesome happened I love this series so far but this book is only great. Plus I think Zana is suspicious I think she's up to something but on the other hand she helped save Flyyn multiple times from the brink of death🤔

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