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Relieve IBS and other digestive disorders with The FODMAP Solution.

FODMAPs are unhealthy foods containing sugars and carbohydrates that are often the root cause of painful bloating, pain, and digestive disorders. The FODMAP Solution gives you a proven method for recovering from FODMAP foods. The FODMAP Solution will show you how limit your FODMAP intake, and then reintroduce certain foods one at a time, so you can determine exactly what your sensitivities are. If you currently suffer from IBS, Crohn’s Disease, or Ulcerative Colitis, The FODMAP Solution will help you finally get rid of the pain and frustration of your digestive disorder without placing too many restrictions on your diet.

The FODMAP Solution helps you relieve symptoms while enjoying every meal, with:

• 83 flavorful low-FODMAP recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and dessert
• 14-day meal plan to remove FODMAPs from your diet
• Scientific explanation of what FODMAPs are and how they might harm you
• Guides to grocery shopping and dining out on a low FODMAP diet
• Classification of more than 100 foods as low, moderate, or high in FODMAPs

Spare yourself from stomach trouble and the frustration of narrow dietary restrictions. The FODMAP Solution is the delicious way to eat healthy again.

January 28
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Customer Reviews

SukiLouise ,


The FODMAP SOLUTION is a straightforward plan to help combat digestive disorders (Ex. IBS) that affect many people. Highly processed foods, as well as natural foods, contain elements that can trigger digestive distress, ex. dairy products and certain fruits. FODMAP is an acronym for the scientific categories that these foods are found in. By following a low FODMAP diet with healthy guidelines and preparing the 83 wholesome recipes in the book, relief from gastric distress may be right in your kitchen! Recipes don't feel restrictive and offer many food choices so that dietary guidelines are manageable.

G_Carron65 ,

Combination of Digestive Health and Flavor

I am supremely happy that I was recommended to buy this book. Since a scare with Ulcerative Colitis a few years back, I have always been consious of my Digestive health and I often struggle to find tasty recipes that don't cause me issues. Problem Solved!

Damien Wellman ,

Good guide

This book is a good guide on things to eat that won't make you uncomfortable if you have a GI tract disorder like IBS. It avoids sensationalism and the recipes look like good common sense, so while I don't have personal experience of these disorders, the recipes themselves are quite well done.

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