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A usurper queen on a stolen throne.

A princess imprisoned, enslaved, and believed dead by her people.

A foreign prince searching for his sister.

Each entangled in a curse that threatens all of the Seven Kingdoms.

Crown Princess Winterberry's stepmother will do anything to prevent her ascension—even if it means assassinating her. And on the eve of the princess's twenty-first birthday, Queen Blanche arrests Winterberry under false claims of treason.

Although a long-standing prophecy proclaims death to anyone who kills a Canens royal, Blanche is determined to find a way. Step one goes off without a hitch: auction off the true heir as an incognito slave and send her halfway across Canens with Blanche's most trusted huntsman.

But on the other side of the Seven Kingdoms, an enemy prince gambles his throne and his life, crossing into Canens after his kidnapped sister. The farther he travels, the more entangled he becomes in the Canens Curse, the slavery underworld, and Princess Winterberry herself. Soon, even he doesn't realize how much more is at stake.

Enter the cursed world of the Seven Kingdoms in book one of this Snow White retelling, where you will find elements of Red Riding Hood and other beloved faery tales.

Young Adult
April 23
Litera Scripta Manet
Ingram DV LLC
Grades 10-12

Customer Reviews

Barr_Bookworms ,

Fog and Mist

An evil queen full of magic. A princess cast from her home into slavery. A country under a curse.

Fog and Mist is a loose retelling of Snow White, with similar character types but a plot all its own. Told through multiple POV’s, this story moves at a swift pace. The plot is full of violent adventure, political machinations to rival any great historical novel, and magic belonging to a dark and sinister fairytale.

I immediately fell in love with the three main storylines and delighted in their coming together through this telling. I cannot wait to see what will happen to these characters, and if good will be able to triumph without more bloodshed.

Kendra Shears ,

Great Story!

This was a great book. The characters are very good. I really liked the main princess, her fierce drive to be free was captivating. And the evil queen was intriguing. You know she is bad, but you also wonder what she is going to do next and how she is going to keep her throne. I also enjoyed the different world the author created. The Seven Kingdoms, made up of different lands that have their own languages and climates, was fascinating. I am really looking forward to the next book in this series!

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