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From the author of the best-selling psychological suspense thriller, A Mutual Addiction, comes the second installment of the Mermaid Asylum series. 

Cressida is back. And this time she’s not alone...

Another body washes up on the shores of the Mermaid Asylum. The police rule it a suicide: the impetuous act of a woman obsessed with a dangerous legend. But Cressida knows better. Addictions aren't so easy to kill.

It’s been two months since Cressida abandoned her life, her psychology practice, and her buried memories back in the eerie fishing town of Silverside, Oregon. Freed from the death-like grasp of dreamless sleep, Cressida’s new existence is interminably ordinary. Her cavernous downtown Portland apartment is walking distance from the lounge where she tends bar, trading her old, troubled patients for even more troubled customers and drunken damsels in distress. It’s exactly the kind of life Rex wanted and Vee would have hated. 

The only catch is, it’s all a lie. 

Unable to escape from her newfound, vivid dreams of Vee, Cressida inhabits the dead girl’s identity. Everyone in her new life knows her as Viola Marquis, even Emmaline, the untamed teenage neighbor girl that has grown unusually attached to Cressida. Rex is in prison, a part of Vee lives on, and Cressida finally has a full life. 

That is, until Cressida’s old life comes knocking at her door in the form of Silverside Police Officer John Lahey, and her dreams take a turn for the worse.

Black outs, missing items, unexplained bruises and injuries plague Cressida each morning when she wakes. It’s as if Cressida’s mind is no longer her own. And when a series of deadly fires seems to implicate both Cressida and Emmaline in crimes Cressida can’t remember committing, she begins to suspect that someone is setting her up. Punishing her for Vee’s death.

But who else knows about Cressida’s past? She must find out who is sabotaging her new life before she ends up arrested, dead, or worse…lost and alone again in the darkness of her dreamless sleep. Cressida finally has everything she’s ever wanted, and she’ll do anything to hold onto that dream. 

Folie à Deux is the second novel in the Mermaid Asylum series and the sequel to the best-selling psychological thriller, A Mutual Addiction. Addictive and disturbing, Folie a Deux is a glimpse into the mind of a desperate woman. Is Cressida a killer, a victim, or just another lost soul searching for a human connection…like everyone else? Psychological fiction at its finest, it will keep you guessing until the very end. 

Fans of Caroline Kepnes’s YOU and Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects will fall in love with Widdicks’ morally ambivalent and yet deceptively relatable characters. 

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July 1
Outmanned Publishing LLC
Mary Widdicks

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