Follow the Lamb

Steps to Spiritual Growth for All Christ-Followers

Publisher Description

Your "turning" or "conversion" is only a beginning, and no more. It is not the whole journey; it is merely the first step. You are a disciple, that is, one who is under teaching; but your teaching, your discipleship, has only just begun. Your life is a book; it may be a bigger or smaller volume, but conversion is only the title page or the preface. The book itself remains to be written, and your years, weeks, and days are its chapters, pages, and lines. It is a book written for eternity; make sure that it is written well. It is a book for the inspection of enemies as well as friends; be careful of every word. It is a book written under the eye of God; let it be done reverently, not frivolously, but also without constraint or terror.

For encouragement and help on this journey, please join me in diving into what the Bible says about fruitful Christian living. Make sure you start well, continue well, and end well. The Lord has ensured that you have all the instructions you'll need, if only you take the time to learn and apply them.

List of Chapters:

Ch. 1: Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

Ch. 2: Keep Your Conscience Clean

Ch. 3: Hold Tightly to What You Have Received

Ch. 4: Deal Honestly with Yourself

Ch. 5: Keep Company with God and with the People of God

Ch. 6: Study the Bible

Ch. 7: Watch Your Steps

Ch. 8: Put Away Vanity and the Love of Praise

Ch. 9: Watch Against Satan

Ch. 10: Beware of One-Sided Truth

Ch. 11: Do Something for God

Ch. 12: Live with Anticipation for Christ’s Return

About the Author

In 1808, Horatius Bonar was born into a family of several generations of ministers of the gospel. He graduated from the University of Edinburgh and was ordained in 1838. As a young pastor at North Parish, Kelso, he preached in villages and farmhouses, proving himself to be a comforter and guide. In 1843, he joined 450 other pastors to form the Free Church of Scotland after the “Disruption.” Horatius Bonar wrote numerous books, tracts, periodicals, and more than 600 hymns. He believed that people needed truth, not opinions; God, not theology; and Christ, not religion. From his first sermon to his last, he ended with “In such an hour as ye think not, the Son of Man cometh.”

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January 1
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