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Chris Landrum is about to have it all-an extended vacation, a second home at the beach, and early retirement in his fifties. There's only one glitch: murder is part of the package on the small South Carolina barrier island of Folly Beach, where eccentric residents live bohemian lifestyles in the shadow of historic Charleston.

Soon after settling in Folly Beach, Chris is befriended by an unlikely cadre of quirky locals: a real estate agent who looks like an out-of-season Santa with an attitude; a waitress who shares rumors and effuses charm; a professor; a lovely, intelligent, and unattached reporter; and a president-quoting, tag-along companion. He is fascinated by the company of his newfound friends, the novelty of the strange island that they call home, and the contrast of it all with stately Charleston. But when Chris finds the body of a prominent developer and lands in the middle of the Folly Beach spotlight, he immediately becomes a threat to the killer-and his vacation paradise might be the scene of his own untimely death.

Vacations aren't nearly as much fun when one of your new acquaintances is trying to kill you, and catching a murderer is not the normal way to spend an extended holiday. But on Folly Beach, what's normal?

Mysteries & Thrillers
May 28

Customer Reviews

PierresFamily ,

Enjoyed this while vacationing

on Folly. It was nice hearing about places that our family had visited. Good mystery, and I liked the author’s sense of humor, as well. Also I have read complaints about poor editing, but my iBooks version was in great shape.

Coldsmoke ,


Overall, it's a good book and storyline. Just a little slow in the beginning. While it seems like ramblings, you later discover it's more than that.
A good read, especially if you have enjoyed the quaintness of Folly Beach.



This was an entertaining book to read. I purchased this book while vacationing in Folly Beach, SC. It was fun to read about places where I was eating and drinking. I could relate to the nuisances of the island and it's residents. I could walk the pier and look out over the beach. I walked the path from the old coast guard station to see the lighthouse. I even could imagine hearing the shots that created the opening for the storyline. The writing reminded me much like Randy Wayne White and his writing about Doc Ford and South Florida. The main character, Chris Landrum, was an unlikely hero. A seemingly "real, average" kind of guy.

The only drawback was the work of the printer/publisher. There were many typographical errors and misused words. There were over 26 different errors. After that I stopped counting. So, if you are a grammar expert it will drive you up a wall. I have to believe these mistakes do not belong to the author. A good proofreader should have easily caught these.

I recommend this book highly.

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