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More Than 100 Recipes and Foolproof Strategies to Help Your Kids Fall in Love with Real Food: A Cookbook

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Publisher Description

New York Times best-selling author Vani Hari carries her food revolution into the family kitchen with best practices for a lifetime of healthy eating.

The multimillion dollar food industry has used their vast resources to target parents, convincing them that it’s difficult to feed their children good food. But here’s the truth: parenting is difficult, but feeding your children simple, healthy, real food shouldn’t be.

As parents, we all want the best for our kids. It’s also our responsibility to teach our children about food. We obviously cannot be with them their entire lives, and they will be independently exposed to many different foods over the course of their lives, but we can teach them how to make the best choices.

In The Food Babe Family Cookbook, best-selling author Vani Hari provides readers with all of the tools, information, and recipes they need to feed their children in a way that will foster a love for real food and set them up for a life of healthy eating. In it, Vani dispels popular myths about feeding our kids; offers more than 100 delicious recipes that make it simple to put healthy, real food on the table; and helps parents start children on a lifelong path of making good food choices.

Includes tips and tricks, such as how to:

navigate the food in schools and day care centers deal with "picky eaters"make mealtime fun for kids, without the processed foodsand more!

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October 17
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