Food Preservation Starter Kit: 10 Beginner-Friendly Ways to Preserve Food at Home Including Instructional Illustrations & Simple Directions

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Transform your favorite fruits, vegetables, and meats into delicious, long-lasting treats — it's easier than you think!

Don't you hate buying fruits and vegetables that turn rotten only a day later?

Have you ever thought about just how much money you could save by cutting back on food waste?

Do you want to know how to keep your garden harvest for a rainy day, year-round?

When it comes to shopping for groceries, finding the right balance between quantity and price is a never-ending battle.

At supermarkets across North America, the price of food has shot up significantly…while portion sizes are starting to shrink.

From boxes of cereal to loaves of bread, your favorite food and drink products have dropped in size by as much as 15% over the last 3 years, according to research at the University of Liverpool.

But even as food packaging grows smaller and smaller…there's one major problem that won't go away: food waste.

Statistics from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization show that in the US, 80 billion pounds of food are wasted every year -- which is equivalent to 219 pounds of food waste per person.

But if the food you're buying is getting tinier, then why are waste levels still so high?

Based on survey data from Feeding America, more than 80% of Americans throw away perfectly good food simply because they misunderstand expiration labels.

That leads to 30-40% of the US food supply being sent off to landfills instead of people who actually need food.

You might think that you're powerless against the tons of food that the world wastes each year.

But if you follow the simple instructions in this guide, you'll have an effective method for saving money on groceries while also helping save the world.

In Food Preservation Starter Kit, you'll discover:
10 easy and delicious methods for preserving vegetables, fruits, and other foodsThe key factor to watch out for when canning food4 tips for ensuring beautifully smoked meatsWhy growing bacteria on your food is actually healthy for youThe "lazy" way to prepare tasty foods and preserve their flavoursHow to create extracts and infusions that deliver medicinal benefits for your body and mindThe foolproof technique for preserving food that's been around for thousands of yearsHow to preserve any type of food with basic kitchen ingredientsThe most common mistakes people make when preserving and storing food, and what you should do insteadAnd much more.
You'll never need to worry about your food going bad before you get a chance to eat them.

With Food Preservation Starter Kit, you'll get all the essential knowledge you need to keep your groceries from spoiling.

Not only will you cut back on your food waste, you'll also stay stocked up on a wide range of preserved foods that are within easy reach anytime you're hungry.

Your pantry will never be empty again.

If you're ready to turn your groceries into tasty and healthy foods that keep for months, then scroll up and click the "Add to Cart" button right now.

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