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See what made Chef John and Food Wishes a YouTube sensation! With these 26 recipes and accompanying videos, Chef John dishes up his special style of cooking and humor, just as he's done since 2007.  Seventy million video views later, Food Wishes is one of the most entertaining and valuable food resources online. Now compiled in one cookbook with mouthwatering photos and detailed, kitchen-friendly cooking instructions, this group of recipes also offers up reviews and helpful hints. Still, the food is the real star. From old-fashioned  pancakes and baked Buffalo chicken dip, to the world's fastest meatballs and perfect mashed potatoes, this cookbook will give you Chef John's greatest secrets and tips. You'll even learn to flip food like a chef!  If that doesn't impress them, nothing will.  Check out what Chef John's cooking up and what food wishes he's granting. And as always...enjoy!

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July 11

Customer Reviews

lutzflcat ,

Chef John's Best Dishes

This is a excellent compilation of down-to-earth recipes. Chef John’s videos are not only helpful, but also entertaining. He just has a way about him that makes you feel so comfortable that you’d think he’s cooking right next to you in your kitchen. Each recipe has a “Helpful Hints” section that will give you insight on preparation of the recipe, but you’ll also pick up some very useful general cooking tips when watching his videos. One thing that I like about this collection is that the ingredient lists are comprised of things you probably have in your pantry right now, but if you don’t, your local supermarket will carry it. So no trips to “specialty” stores trying to find an ingredient that you may only use one time. It has a Table of Contents broken down by meal course at the beginning and an alphabetical recipe title index at the end, both of which make this user friendly. Trust me, many of Chef John’s recipes will become your Go-To Recipes.

Zlight1 ,


Takes what looks complicated to make and interpret it so anyone can do it. Thank you for making me look as if I’ve been cooking for years.

Ballach ,

Chef John is the best you tuber ever

His knowledge of culinary school tricks are presented with warmth, humor and his love of food stands him at the top of epic meal preparation. He teaches us to relax about using a coffee filter instead of a sieve to strain our chicken stock. Chef John teaches free on you tube under food wishes and has thousands of loyal fans like myself. A local Bay Area guy, his ingredients all take on almost a reverence towards all the bounty his beloved city by the bay has become known for. Join me and support Chef John for a cooking show. After all, they gave one to Paula Dean.

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