Fool's Hill Fool's Hill

Fool's Hill

The Meaning "Why!"

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The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why.
—Mark Twain

Dr. Cubit’s memoir, Fool’s Hill: The Meaning Why! As displayed on the front cover, an angry young man is about to climb a hill, which represents the challenge of discovering his meaning why. There is a path to follow; however, the young man cannot see what lies ahead because of the dark clouds. The front cover displays one path, which he must traverse Fool’s Hill to discover his meaning why and fulfill his destination in life. The young man is unclothed, indicating that he does not have the necessities or tools to navigate Fool’s Hill or the wherewithal to choose what he needs to make the journey.
The back cover displays the same young man who is older now after enduring the challenges of climbing Fool’s Hill. Along the way, he finds his meaning why. Moreover, because of the lessons learned from his journey, he is fully clothed and prepared. Equipped with tools, on one hand is a doctorate degree, and on the other is a hiking pole to help him avoid trips and falls. In addition, instead of a dark path as displayed on the front cover, the bridge on the back cover represents a straightforward path to fulfilling his meaning why.
On the back cover, in the background, are more hills to master. Still, because of overcoming life’s challenges and the tools acquired, the hills appear much smaller. Moreover, the scenery displayed on the back cover helps him not to forget that future challenges may exist. The scenery also helps him realize the beauty of his journey and to bestow gratitude for his relationship with God, which helped him overcome the obstacles along his path, in addition to the blessings and serendipities acquired. The man looks beyond and can now use his God-given talents and tools to continue his journey and enhance his meaning why. Ergo, Dr. Cubit's life in the memoir Fool’s Hill: The Meaning Why!

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November 22
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