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From Scientific American:
And always, reading Rothbard is a mindstretching intellectual adventure. For not only is he a brilliant scholar; he never flinches at taking the libertarian creed to it logical conclusions, no matter how controversial those conclusions may sometimes be.
Rothbard also maps out a strategy for achieving liberty, delving into ethics, tactics, education, abolitionism vs. gradualism, historical antecedents, and other crucial but generally neglected points. For A New Liberty ends on an upbeat, inspiring note, as Rothbard explains why he believes liberty will ultimately triumph over the forces of statism and collectivism.

For A New Liberty gives the reader the invigorating feeling of contact with a truly original, razor-sharp mind. It's a seminal work, rich in insights and novel arguments. And it's written in a lively, vigorous style that makes most other political writing seem dreadfully dull and stodgy by comparison.

How important is For A New Liberty? Let's put it this way: every serious libertarian — indeed, anyone who is at all interested in libertarianism — must be familiar with this book. It is that essential. If a copy of For A New Liberty — preferably worn with wear from repeated readings — is not on your bookshelf, or your friends' bookshelves, remedy that grave omission now.

May 23
Ludwig von Mises Institute
Ludwig von Mises Institute for Austrian Economics

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A Pioneer Effort

Kudos to Murray Rothbard for writing such a far-reaching and visionary book, one that laid the template for many of his successors in the anarcho capitalist movement. Many of the ideas and theories expressed here have been picked up and elaborated by his successors, sometimes doing a better job I might add, but Rothbard laid the foundation. After awhile, though, this book starts to read like a one trick pony. Rothbard never met a government program he didn't detest, and his tendency to ascribe nefarious motives to absolutely every public service gets rather tiresome after awhile. Still I give this treatise 4 stars for blazing the trail.

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