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For I Am He

God's love is discovered in the substance of faith. Judgment is the voice; following is His speech. Glory is His name Emmanuel; God is with us. To rest in the tree of life is forever presence. We eat from trees mankind has not planted and drink from wells we dug not. We dwell in homes we haven't even built. Almighty God of provision heals in deliverance. Holy is the medicine for the mind and body of the people. Grace is for those that are just favored. Mercy is what picks man up and places thee on His feet when weak, assigned to grow weary in well doing.

We are delighted in Your passion, self-controlled in Your way, protected by Your hand, loved in comfort and peace of knowing You. We are positioned in Your will, pleasure in hope, the joy of faith, and long suffering in patience and motivated with wise thoughts of discernment. Garment of boldness and confidence in praise, restoration has been the straps of the shoes of the gospel that must be preached.

Your presence is paradise, majestic above the waters that the clouds detain, for it is Your latter reign. The rain that fell down and the clouds that opened up were the comprehension of the doctrine of understanding. For we are saved by Your name; who can know Thee or understand Thee? Ways above the mind and direction in the feet were completely of Him that existed from the beginning of creation when the world framed. You are the God of salvation no other; Great You are. It is He, that hears and acts. Meditate day and night in your strength. Breathe of life in the sunrise. Visions and dreams and gifts, inspiration is the conformation of the spirit. Bowing before You in favor. For my soul thirsts for Thee. For my eyes and body hand and feet desire Thee.

Heartfelt ear inclines to the promises and sits in the heaven, and the earth is His footstool. Souls yearn and cry for You coming. Marriage has been wisdom. Divorce is to the separation of the world. Drink from the brook of eternal life. Confined in holiness as a garment of daily bread purified in Him. Peace are the pupils of the eyes. Swaddled as a baby clothed by the Creator. Spirit dwells in us so mightily and settled so sweetly. Lost in righteousness, found in prayer, walking in humility, veil of submission. Knowledge is only understanding Christ not only what He is or who He is but also what was done. The shame of mankind is undone. Forgiveness is purification looking to the clouds; what a great witness.

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August 4
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