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When the devil comes to town, you have to meet him head-on.

Which is exactly what I did when Grant Stone rolled into our small Texas town, driving a sports car I could fit in the bed of my truck, wearing a suit as black as his soul. He’s here to acquire mineral rights to half a dozen farms in town.

And there’s no way he’s getting mine.

I don’t make deals with the devil.

So when he challenges me to show him the small town ropes, my motivation is the prospect of seeing him make a fool of himself. He might have an angle, but if he thinks he can finagle me into endangering my bee farm, he’s got another thing coming.

Until the line in the sand is washed away.

My farm in danger. A town in upheaval. A man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

And me in the middle.

When the devil comes to town, you have to meet him head-on.

And when he sneaks into your heart, he’ll only break it.

September 21
Staci Hart Novels
Staci Brillhart

Customer Reviews

Hmitch76 ,

Fun & Entertaining

Gah! For Love or Honey was such a fun read. Grant is a business man who has come to the small Texas town of Lindenbach to get mineral rights to people’s properties for the business he works for. One of the plots of land he needs access to is the Blum’s family farm. Jo Blum is the youngest of the three Blum sisters and she is determined to not let Grants company have access to her family’s land. Grant realizes Jo is his “in” with the family, so he casually persues her. At the same time Jo has decided to put Grant through the ringer doing small town “country” type things. She’s hoping to run him out of town, but she actually starts falling for him. This book was really fun to read. I liked the witty banter between the Blum sisters and between Jo & Grant. I’d honestly love for this series to become a movie or tv series. Truly entertaining, fun and sexy. I highly recommend this book to everyone!

eladiolymari ,

The banter!!!

This book stole my heart and left it on a fictional bee farm in Texas. I love Jo’s character and how loyal she is to the town and people she loves. I may be allergic to bees, but I’d sign up to be part of the Blum family any day of the week! As with all Staci Hart books I’ve read, the banter is so, so good, as is the chemistry between Jo and Grant. Full of laugh out loud moments (as in I literally cackled until I cried), heart squeezing romance, and a little spice sprinkled in for good effect, this is another Staci Hart book that knocks it out of the park! Absolutely loved it! *I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

Sparkleme ,

Enemies-to-Lovers, Small Town perfection

Staci Hart does it again with another small town romance that will melt your heart. This can be read as a stand-alone although some characters are reoccurring from Friends with Benedicts (which I also strongly recommend).

The Blum sisters and their mother are town treasures with their bee farm and their musical talent. They are also always gossiped about as they don’t date. At all. This is due to their belief in a family curse that causes them to lose any man they love. Even so they are fiercely loyal to each other and their town especially Jo the youngest. Jo has taken it upon herself to fill her dads shoes as she takes care of her family and she is also the bee whisperer like he was. She won’t let anything bad happen to her family, her farm or her town.

Enter Grant Stone from Flexion. A corporate hot shot here to convince the farms to sell their land rights for fracking. He’s only called in when things start to go sideways to close the deal once and for all. Too bad for him he’s never been to a town like this or come up again a woman like Jo Blum. They may sell some sweet (and sometimes very spicy) honey but these woman are far from saccharine when you threaten their bees. It doesn’t take long for him to realize his usual smooth talking and dollar signs won’t work on the Blum family. It also doesn’t take him long to realize he wants more from Jo than just her land.

The tension between these two is instantaneous and it isn’t long before these adversaries start heating up. They clash again and again before Grant tries a different approach. He steps into small town life and is surprised to find maybe it fits him a little better than his sad money motivated corporate life. Maybe all these towns he’s been to have just been stepping stones to this one.

Now Grant isn’t in the business of losing out on a deal and Jo isn’t going to sell out her family even if the guy is hot as heck and may or may not be the best thing that’s ever happened to her. But where does this leave them? Will they chose love? Or are some things too fracking good to be true?

You know I love a good enemies to lovers and Staci Hart never lets me down. I burst out laughing multiple times while reading this one. Jo has to be one of the wittiest heroines I’ve had the pleasure of reading recently. The things this girl says. And poor Grant. He may start out as the devil but appearances aren’t always what they seem.

This book is enemies to lovers, small town, David vs Goliath goodness that will have you laughing and somehow rooting for both of these two to succeed. I fell hard for this couple and I can’t wait for you to do the same.

Thank you Staci for allowing me to read this one early for review.

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