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Kayleigh McEnany describes her path to the White House podium, bringing the reader behind the scenes in the world’s most powerful building and illuminating how faith got her through.

If you would have told me that in the year 2020 I would stand at the White House podium and communicate with the American people as COVID-19 ravaged the globe and violent protests beset the nation, I would have told you that you were crazy. But Jesus Christ had this very plan for my life.

From White House intern to White House press secretary, from production assistant to national television host, from Catholic all-girls high school to Harvard Law School, God has guided my path through uncharted territory. In For Such a Time as This, I will chronicle my journey to the White House and offer never-before-told anecdotes about what really happened within the Trump administration. You will experience some of the most high stakes moments in the West Wing right alongside me as I reveal how faith got me through.

Politics & Current Events
December 7
Post Hill Press

Customer Reviews

Eliz12 ,

Life is so special

This book was well written. It kept you engaged plus each chapter made the author relational. I’m a true Trump supporter and Kaleigh made me appreciate him more. Plus look forward to him running in 2024.

ggarci ,


It is awe inspiring and eye opening to read what was happening during those terrible times from someone who was actually there. KAYLEIGH MCENANY was in the trenches and fighting the good fight to overcome evil with good.

Also, I love how everything Kayleigh is saying is backed up by facts and it is footnoted! For those who don’t know about footnotes, it’s those small numbers at the end of some sentences. If you are reading it electronically, just click on the number to see the reference.

Those who are not happy with this book just don’t want to know the true facts of what was going on. This will become a historical document that people will be referring to in the future.

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:21

It shows how her faith in our God and Lord Jesus Christ, empowers us to continue to “fight the good fight” as stated in the Bible.

“… fight the good fight, keeping faith and a good conscience…”
1 Timothy 1:18-19

Read it to know what really was going on!

LaurZizes ,

Couldn’t put down

I couldn’t put this book down! Thank you for your honesty and sharing your story!

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