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The Soldier’s Baby

When Willow Barton let her guard down one night, she never thought the sensual encounter would result in an unplanned pregnancy. But she’s an intelligent and resilient woman who’s experienced in getting through the worst of times. Still, she knows that Chase Ackers, the father of her child deserves to know about the baby that their night of passion created. What she doesn’t expect is for him to want to be a part of her and their baby’s life.

The SEAL’s Secret Baby

Iyana Smith never expected to meet a man like Commander Thayne Austin—let alone get pregnant with his baby. One night of passion together should never have had consequences, but it did. Not wanting serious ties to a career military man, she decides to keep her pregnancy a secret. Unfortunately, things don’t go as she plans, and when Thayne finds out, he proposes marriage. Iyana turns him down flat. Duty was not enough to build a marriage on, and Iyana refuses to be any man's ball and chain. Yet how can she deny her baby a father? And how much longer can she refute her strong attraction to the man who threatens to penetrate the wall of defense she’s built around her heart?

The Marine’s Baby Gift

Zahra Knight never thought her casual affair with gorgeous Jarrett Carver would turn into anything more than it was. After all, she’s no more interested in marriage and commitment than he is. But when the pregnancy test that she holds in her hand turns positive, it shakes her world to the core. She’s going to have to rearrange her otherwise routine life to include an unplanned baby. Things go from bad to worse when Jarrett suggests that they make their casual relationship more permanent for the sake of their unborn child.

September 12
Carnal Imprint Publishing
Stephanie Wilson

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