For the Fame of His Name

Rethinking Church and Missions for the 21st Century

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Two thousand years ago, Jesus told His disciples, “Go into all the world…”. However, since then, times have changed… and the world has changed. Yet, how the church approaches what has come to be called “The Great Commission” has, for the most part, not changed. The task remains unfinished, and there is still much debate about why and how to keep this mission effort going. Just in the last few decades, the church has spent billions on mission projects, and thousands of faithful missionaries have gone out serving under this Great Commission… but to what end? 

Written for pastors, mission leaders and aspiring missionaries, this volume brings refreshing clarity to the core issues surrounding Christian missions. G. W. Steel offers straightforward biblical exegesis, astute observations, compelling stories and engaging cultural insights gained from nearly 20 years working throughout Asia and the Middle East. 

Steel summarizes the fruit of the church’s mission work and then addresses: 

What exactly did Jesus teach and expect His followers to do? 

What was His primary message, and therefore…?

What is the church’s core mission?

How can this mission be successful in our post-Christian, multicultural world?

What kind of people are suitable for this mission, and what skills do they need?  


If you are asking these questions or wrestling with the implications of what Jesus taught and the first apostles practiced, open the pages of this paradigm-shifting book to explore scriptural and culturally relevant answers to these burning issues. Dig in and discover your part in fulfilling God’s pleasures for His church and how you can join Him in what He is doing in the world today!

Religion & Spirituality
August 23
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