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She will never trust her broken heart to him again.

Shortly after Lady Juliet trusted her heart to Graham, the Marquess of Hertford, he disappeared with no explanation. Eight months later he is back in London, eager to resume their relationship, but claims he cannot tell her where he’s been.

Graham was fulfilling a duty to the duke who had once acted as his guardian. Sworn to secrecy, Graham is frustrated in his attempts to win back Juliet’s trust and convince her he wants her for his wife. As he works hard to chip away at her frozen heart, a twist of fate might snatch happiness away from them forever.

The Noble Hearts Series from USA Today bestselling author Callie Hutton brings heart, humor and happiness to three sisters and the father eager to marry them off.

The Earl of Pomeroy has three lovely daughters that he dearly loves. However, it is time for them to find husbands of their own who will pay for all the gowns, slippers, pelisses, ribbons and other fripperies that are slowly bankrupting him. He announces at breakfast one morning that they girls will marry in order of their birth. The eldest, Lady Elise, the most resistant to marriage, must wed before her sisters will be allowed to accept an offer.

Elise is appalled by his edict and attempts to thwart his efforts. Lady Juliet, next in line, always wanted marriage, but a broken heart has turned her against the wedded state. Lady Marigold dreamed for years of finding her Prince Charming, but alas, the man she’s in love with wants her to help him select the perfect bride.

The Earl of Pomeroy discovers that playing matchmaker isn't always easy, especially when the heart is involved. Including his.

May 19
Glass Half Full LLC
Callie Hutton LLC

Customer Reviews

jdh2690 ,

Wonderful Second-Chance Regency Romance!

Another delightful Regency romance from Ms. Hutton! Lady Juliet and Graham, the Marquess of Hertford, met and fell in love. Then the rocky road to a happy ever after begins when Graham goes to Paris on a mission for the Duke he grew up with and cannot explain to Juliet where and why he went away for several weeks. Immediately, Juliet decides they are not “meant for each other” because he cannot trust her with the reasons for his going away for an extended period. The rest of the story is all about how Graham tries to win Juliet’s trust and love again and her reluctance to give in to his suit. I was impressed with Graham’s character and understood Juliet’s reluctance to trust, but am so glad they “found” each other again. I adore second-chance romances!

Peg1951 ,

Lovely Story

Lady Juliet, Lord Pomeroy’s second daughter, and Graham the Marquess of Hertford are in love and wish to marry. Graham agrees to wait until Lady Elise, Juliet’s sister, and Lord St. George are married to ask her father for permission to marry. Before he can meet with her father, Graham leaves for France with no more than a note to Juliet. Juliet is crushed, heartbroken. He returns eight months later and declares that he still loves her and wants to marry her. Since he is being secretive about his absence, Juliet does not trust him. He fights hard to win her back. Just as he has accomplished his goal and the wedding is being planned, a bit of gossip about his trip to France threatens to cost him Juliet’s love again. What kind of gossip could tear them apart? Will Graham lose her again? Is there a way to let her know the truth without breaking a promise he made to the man who raised him? It will take an unlikely conspiracy to help solve the problem, if it works.

The second story in the Noble Hearts Series is just as happy and heartwarming as the first. For the Love of the Marquess is a story of love gone awry due to a lack of communication and a misunderstanding between the hero and the heroine. The likeable and engaging characters in this story are familiar, with a couple of new additions. The plot is well written, simple, but with a few twists and turns. The humor and family love found in the first book are here as well. Another lovely story from Callie Hutton. I look forward to the next book.

Teri Donaldson ,


What a wonderful series of a proud papa who has raised his daughters on his own and now would like to see them married so he can enjoy his days in peace and contentment.
Juliet is the second daughter. She was certain that she had found the man of her dreams to be her happily after ever. Until.... he disappears for eight months without explanation. Sadly, correspondence with explanations are at first only a few written lines then none at all.
When Graham returns to claim his beloved Juliet, he is met with resistance and frustration. He realizes that he must recapture Juliet's heart and she is not going to make it easy. It truly is a game of cat and mouse and a match of words and wits. Along the way, we meet the heartwarming Lady Ann, the well meaning Lady Crampton, Mr. Boyle and others. They all have a role to play in Juliet and Graham's story.
There were twists, turns and misunderstandings along the path of happiness. Thankfully, Graham is steadfast in his love for Juliet.
I look forward to seeing what Ms. Hutton has planned for Marigold. Could Lady Crampton and papa find some happiness of their own? I look forward to finding out.

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