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For the Love of Tina is a romantic, playful novel that depicts how a teenage first love that ends before consummation can affect drastically the lives of those two teenagers in adulthood. Cash Banfield felt so guilty about cheating on his first love, Tina Townsend, with her cousin Penny that it caused major flaws in his personality and dating habits. When Cash and Tina first met in junior high, he wrote a poem telling the world she would be his first and only love. That pattern would always continue. Cash would write poetry to describe how he felt about every girl and everything in his life that he considered important. Whether good or bad, serious or humorous, his rhyming words were a barometer of how he felt and reacted in all chapters in his life. Cash was always searching out ladies that could match Tina in looks and fantasized that the sex with these ladies could duplicate the passion he never got to achieve with Tina. As the years passed by, he never gave up hope of winning Tina’s affection again but was constantly in search of someone special who could make him forget Tina. At eighteen years old, he left his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, and followed his uncle Matthew to Palm Beach, Florida, where they both were employed at a greyhound racing track. This new atmosphere and freedom gave Cash the money and opportunity to pursue his casual but intense dating rituals with money and beautiful, sexy ladies who found his good looks and insatiable appetite for naughty behavior a pure delight. He found a stripper in a gentleman’s club named Vanessa, who surely matched Tina in her looks and her actions. They developed a strong, passionate relationship that lasted for decades and gave him everything he was looking for in a woman except true love. Vanessa would instigate many changes that would influence Cash’s life immensely. He developed an addiction for exotic dancers and women who craved for the bright lights, the music, the booze, and the misplaced attention that was given to them by disrespecting male customers. Later on, Cash got a lucrative position as racing secretary at a major horse track in Miami. Now living in fast-paced, sinful Miami with more money and illicit opportunities, his many interesting love interests made his affairs sexy, funny, and sad all at the same time. So join Cash, Tina, Vanessa, and many others in a tongue-in-cheek account of his life, his ladies, and his opinions on life and love—which are unique, interesting, and very amusing.

April 2
Page Publishing, Inc
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