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The third and final story of the three book trilogy of novels based on the life of Maggie Elizabeth Harrington, who lived in remote Central Mine, Michigan, in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The historic Maggie Harrington was found frozen in a snowdrift about two hundred feet east of the highway at the intersection of the Central and Eagle Harbor roads. She had been missing for several days.

The author dedicates this story to Maggie Elizabeth Harrington, who inspired this iconic character and three stand alone novels titled "Maggie Elizabeth Harrington,” “Alpha Wolves,” and this last one, “For the Love of Wolves.” A story that shows the deep love Maggie has for animals, especially wolves; and how it compares with the love she felt for Tommy Stetter, her teenage and first great love.

"For the Love of Wolves" is an imagined story featuring a historical person. Maggie Elizabeth Harrington is a recluse living alone in the ghost town of Central Mine, Michigan. Maggie is the previously thriving town’s only inhabitant. She passes her days mostly in memories of Tommie Stetter, her first great love, and a pack of young wolves they tried to save from Bernard Lemieux, a bounty hunter. 

Maggie finds evidence of what she perceives is a wolf living in the back of her yard and believes the wolf has returned to bring joy and purpose back into her lonely life which has become routine and meaningless. Maggie vows to protect this imaginary wolf from the son of the bounty hunter, Jackie Lemieux, who also shoots wolves for their bounty. Protecting her imaginary wolf is a promise Maggie has made to herself even if it means killing Jackie Lemieux.

January 5
Magic Masterminds LLC
Magic Masterminds LLC

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