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Zoe has been nationally humiliated by her husband, and quietly retreats to the seaside town of Sea Rock. Shattered and broken, Zoe meets a mysterious and sexy stranger, Levi. Zoe quickly becomes consumed with thoughts of Levi, and a delicious game unfolds between the two. Will Zoe get what she craves? And can Levi protect her from what awaits in the night? Adult Material Excerpt: “Please, Zoe, I am begging you to stop taking your clothes off. I am going to lose all of my resolve,” he moaned. “Good, lose it,” she ordered, “And while you’re at it, lose your pants,” and with that she tugged her underwear down, so that she was standing stark naked in front of Levi. “F**k!” he yelled, and he was instantly at her side, wrapping his arms around her soft skin and bringing his mouth down on her mouth for a wild kiss. Zoe tangled her arms in Levi’s hair and he moaned into her mouth as he kissed her harder, tasting her. Zoe kissed back as she wrapped her fingers in Levi’s hair. Zoe felt an odd sensation as if her body was humming, almost like electricity and she chalked it up to being drunk. Levi ran his fingers down the small of her back, pausing just before her tailbone and letting his fingers caress her soft skin. He began to back Zoe up towards the couch and Zoe willingly let Levi move her. He pushed her down on the couch, and Zoe looked up at him, in all her glory, panting. Levi yanked his shirt over his head and kneeled on the couch between Zoe’s legs and continued to kiss her, running his tongue down her throat, and stopping to inhale. He yanked Zoe’s head back and she gasped from the sudden movement. Levi sucked softly on her neck and Zoe whimpered, pushing her legs further apart. Levi dropped to the ground, so that his face was level with Zoe’s thighs. Gently, he pushed her legs apart and ran his fingers over her inner thighs. Zoe moaned, pushing her hips forward.

Fiction & Literature
June 2
Jemma Jones
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

RLM hunter ,

Good read

I enjoyed this book & will read more from this author, but would be better if she used pronouns in place of the characters names so much.

Feejiwater ,


Great book! I can't wait to read the second part.


Enjoyed it

Enjoyed the plot and characters but could have done without the author's tendency to type out the sounds the character makes, for example, "grrr, he growled", when just "he growled" would suffice.

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