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Darkness isn't a place of evil—it's a creative force for good that empowers Wiccans and Witches just like you! If you want to learn never-before-seen invocations, spells, and rituals that honor powerful Goddesses, this is the book for you!

Forbidden Wiccan Spells: Dark Goddess Magick explores the many Goddesses associated with darkness—Goddesses of the moon, of sleep, of dreams, and yes, even of death. 

For too long, those afraid of divine feminine power have told us that these Goddesses are "demons" or "monsters" or practitioners of "black magick." 

But Didi Clarke is here to set the record straight! These divine beings are powerful allies for any witch that approaches them with a clean heart and pure will. 

Discover New Goddesses and Magickal Rituals!

Within the pages of FWS: Dark Goddess Magick, you'll find twelve completely original invocations that have been written and performed by Didi herself.

In addition to popular Goddesses like Hecate (Goddess of the dead) and Freyja (Goddess of war), you'll find rituals involving lesser-known dark Goddesses like:
Breksta (Goddess of dreams)Oya (Goddess of storms)Selene (Goddess of the moon)And many more!
Each chapter provides an easy-to-understand history of a particular Goddess, as well as correspondences associated with her. 

Next, you'll find an item list and step-by-step instructions for a ritual invoking one of these powerful beings. These rituals touch on many different elements of the Craft and include:
Protection of your homeProphetic dreamsDeveloping magickal abilities Communing with the deadWiccan candle magickWiccan herb magickWiccan crystal magickMuch more!
Harness the Power of the Dark Goddess Today!

Whether you're looking for a book about Wicca for beginners or are a seasoned witch, whether you're a solitary witch or work with a coven, FWS: Dark Goddess Magick has something for you.

It's a great addition to your spell book or your book of shadows! Embrace the power of the dark Goddess within and read it today!

Health, Mind & Body
January 25
Didi Clarke
Draft2Digital, LLC

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