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The Land Between the Seas, a world in peril, is the responsibility of one woman.

Cryessa, High Priestess of the land by birth and training, is strong and commanding, but locked in a life and death struggle to protect her people from the King, who bears a centuries old hate for the Temple.

Bound to her in slavery, prisoners of war and captives of fate, five men serve as her aides, her lovers, her slaves. One, however, is bound to her with something stronger, deeper, and utterly forbidden. Tamlohn, kidnapped and given to her in chains, chafes at his bindings, but continues to submit, in every way, because of his love and hers.

The political climate in the kingdom is steadily worsening. King Throlock, like his predecessors before him, rules the land only for his own pleasure. He has been continually thwarted by the efforts of the Priestess, while his multiple plots to overthrow or control the Temple have failed. Each failure has only made the King more petulant, vindictive, and determined to hurt those who hinder him, particularly the beloved and dedicated High Priestess.

Cryessa takes on the King and a centuries-old curse to protect her people, the temple, and the traditions she is entrusted to keep, no matter the cost to herself and her slaves. But, in a land steeped in ritual and magic, bound by rules that are indissoluble, can she protect herself from love --the highest form of treason?

Forbidden from award winning, erotic fantasy romance author Lila Dubois is a thrilling tale of rituals and magic, masters and slaves, and a centuries old battle for power. On this distance planet, the men are not the pursuers; they are the pursued, and they are owned, body and soul. Book 1 of the Zinahs series will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

*Intended for mature readers.
*Previously Published: (2007) Liquid Silver Books

Zinahs series by Lila Dubois
1. Forbidden
2. Savage
3. Bound

Readers are Saying...
"Forbidden was an achingly and hauntingly exquisite read... I can honestly say that not only did I enjoy it, I daydreamed about it afterwards." ~Romance Junkies Reviews
"What a beautiful emotional roller coaster!! Lila Dubois never lets me down with her writing..this is one you must read!!" ~Shellie Marshall

Perfect for fans of Sarah Piper, Rebecca Royce, and G. Bailey

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February 15
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Customer Reviews

Kitchen dancer 12 ,


I have never read erotic fantasy genre before but this book sold me. Cryessa was a beautiful and magical heroine. Tamolhn is the perfect hero. The story was so detailed I could feel myself standing in the Zinah's play room. Lots of unexpected twists and turns. It will draw you in and keep you there til the end. A definite must read!!

AnAvidBookReaderAB ,


Forbidden is one of the few books that I have read in the past year that kept me on the edge of my seat. I couldn't put the book down! The characters came alive. Lots of unexpected curveballs are in here - Lila Dubois keeps the reader on their toes. Just when I expected something she would take the story on a path I did not expect. To say I loved this book is an understatement. I have already purchased the next two books in the series.

Y Land ,

Really enjoyed this...

Forbidden was the first book in this "genre" that I had ever read. I found it to be fun, humorous and beautiful. I get attached to the characters and read many more of her books solely based on reading this first one. I hope if you are reading this review and are on the fence you take a chance. I believe you won't regret it!

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