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“The best thriller of the year...an exciting and entertaining read.” —The Washington Times

“A top-notch thriller.” —Bill O’Reilly

From #1 New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author Brad Thor—a brilliant thriller as “current as tomorrow’s headlines” (Dan Brown, #1 New York Times bestselling author). Terrorism in Europe has spun out of control. The United States has decided on a dramatic response. Now, the CIA needs a very special kind of operative.

Scot Harvath has exactly the skills the CIA is looking for. He’s a former US Navy SEAL with extensive experience in espionage. Working for a private intelligence company, he will provide the CIA, and more important, the President, with absolute deniability.

But deep within the Russian Caucasus, Moscow also has its own special kind of operative. As a child, Sacha Baseyev endured an unimaginable horror. Today, he lives and breathes for only one reason—to kill. And he will kill as many Americans as it takes to accomplish his mission.

When a clandestine American operations team is ambushed near Syria, all signs point toward a dangerous informant in Brussels. But as Harvath searches for the man, he uncovers another actor—a rogue player hell-bent on forcing America’s hand and drawing it into a confrontation deadlier than anyone could have imagined.

As the attacks mount, and terror is brought to the very doorstep of the White House, Harvath finds himself in the race of his life. From Vienna, Brussels, and Berlin, to Malta, Jordan, and Syria—he will push himself beyond the edge in order to confront one of the greatest evils the world has ever known.

Filled with action, intrigue, and edge-of-your-seat suspense, Foreign Agent is a nonstop thrill ride that reaffirms Thor’s position as the master of thrillers.

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 14
Atria/Emily Bestler Books

Customer Reviews

ANProctor ,


Actually followed this one really well and enjoyed the characters throughout. Felt like I spent a lot of time following Harvath’s story and not some “whatever” character half the time, which made it more enjoyable. Felt like it didn’t need to have so many “bad guys” on the Russian side though. The book spent too much time interrogating people and that got a bit boring going through it with Eichel, Malevsky, Sergun and the general. Too many interrogations! But it ended very well and actually closed out the primary characters nicely. I binged the last 30 chapters in a 2 hour window because it gets really good after chapter 40. Action packed and easy to follow! Great job Thor!

INFJ-male ,

Almost Back

The sample download lead me to believe Brad was back to the level of his early books. And, while there were those moments, segments seemed to be stretched and phrasing repeated. Brad Thor has a great style as proven by past performance. Yet, whether it is contractual agreements-- to churn out books on a deadline or a consortium plugging in pieces of the mosaic...there were time I thought, who wrote this...this is not his style.
I did find a number of "incidents" within the story line very current and even quite plausible. I enjoyed the book, but was waiting for the great writing of the past. And, while kind to mentioned the multitude of people that were involved in this book... Why not do the heavy work yourself. I don't recall Shakespeare devoting pages to his sources, publisher, editors and merchandisers.

Blaze2458 ,


What a great read, I couldn't put it down. Brad does it again. Can't wait for the next book.

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