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As a young nine year old boy one night began a series of dreams and continuing for several nights. Unfolded the story you are about to read.
Writing while in the genes didnt come easy, in deed these words have been revised many times to correct grammatical errors, phraseology and an untidy script.
The first draft was in freehand and later on to a storyboard outlining the start, middle and ending of each chapter just as the dreams presented them.
Years went by as life took on its importance but the story just wouldnt leave my thoughts.
Why this story needs telling is unsure but then perhaps many authors might say a similar thing.
The saga in brief is of a young boy receiving a strange and curious gift that is the start of a journey leading him on to the save humanity.
He though must spend his childhood alone with all but minimal contact with the only person who knows he is still alive, his mother.
She in total self-isolation lives out the years full of hope and love.
He learns his origin and that his race was marooned here six millennia ago and that by their presence changed the course of the indigenous populations evolution. He learns also that the planet is in grave danger from the very craft that brought them here and he must find a solution quickly.
The story is told as a narrative.
Life circumstances shelved the unfinished manuscript for more years than I can recall but it wasnt out of disrespect to the story on the contrary the story wanted me to experience some life first.
I hope you enjoy reading this novel as much as I have enjoyed writing it and forgive the sometimes simplicity of it.

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February 27
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