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A third-generation rancher, Dani McLendon is destined to become the first woman to ever manage her family’s ranch. Running Falcon Ridge is her birthright, her honor, her responsibility. It’s all she’s ever dreamed of doing, until a long-legged, cowboy-built Texan saunters into their barn with his dimpled smile and changes everything with a risky dare.

One of the most important lessons Clay Sterling’s father taught him about working with a high-spirited filly is to work with her, not against her. Clay’s wanted Dani since the moment he laid eyes on her. He needs her as a partner in his latest business venture, and he wants her in his bed. Convincing the spit-fire of a cowgirl to take a chance on him will be the fight of his life, and he’s ready to go all twelve seducing rounds, but his prize in the end may be more than he bargained for. Winning Dani McLendon may just cost him his heart.

July 25
D.L. Roan
D.L. Roan

Customer Reviews

rholub ,

Absolutely perfect!!!!

Oh, the feels this book made me feel!!!

This is Dani and Clay's story and it is beautiful!!! Those of you who know the McClendon family know that this isn't going to be an easy story. The only daughter of, not one but, three overprotective dads. This is a coming of age story, not only for Dani, but for her dads as well. I laughed, I cried, I even wanted to throw things once or twice. But not once did I want to put this book down. I just wanted to keep reading until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore.

And Clay, OMG!!! What a hunk!!! And so very perfect for Dani, no matter how hard she tries to fight the attraction!!! Just the fella to push her to stretch her wings. To show her, that not everything begins and ends behind the gates of Falcon Ridge.

I cannot recommend this series strongly enough!!! It is absolutely one of my very favorite series!!!

LoveStoryFan ,

A must read for romance aficionados

Forever Falcon Ridge is yet another masterpiece from the creative mind of author D.L. Roan. You will laugh, cry, shout, and want to throttle certain overprotective fathers. The growing love between Dani and Clay makes me want to fall in love all over again (and invest in a windmill farm). I personally felt more attached to Grey than in any of the other books...he has come quite a long way from the Grey McLendon of The Heart of Falcon Ridge.

You can read it as a stand-alone novel, but reading all of the preceding Falcon Ridge books allows you to see the depth and growth of both the characters and the McLendon family dynamic.

If you have not yet read the entire Falcon Ridge series in order, then I highly recommend you do that before reading Forever Falcon Ridge. I am already on pins and needles in anticipation for the next Falcon Ridge book to come out. I would also love to see DL Roan do a prequel and explore the backstory of Hazel and the three brothers to see how their unique way of life started.

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