Forever Family Series Box Set Forever Family Series Box Set

Forever Family Series Box Set

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Publisher Description

The Forever Family Series is now available in this exclusive box set. 

Book 1: Dear Emily

Carly Sloan’s life was perfect. Comfortable. Blissfully happy. She was surrounded by her best friends in the world, who love and adore her, and would do anything to support her. But one violent night destroys everything, breaking down her perfect world and tearing away her safety. Kyle Finnegan comes into her life when she’s at her lowest. Can he help restore her faith? And can they build a future together?

Tabitha Fletcher ran away from a violent and turbulent past. She attempts to hide in a new city, enveloping herself in a veil of safety. Alex Treadway strolls into her life and struggles to break through her protective barrier. As she slowly opens her heart, can she learn to love? Can he help her heal? Tabitha’s demons resurface, threatening to destroy her new life. When she finds herself at rock bottom, a surprise pregnancy only adds to her turmoil.

Tabitha must make the ultimate choice to give her unborn child a chance at a wonderful life. The life Tabitha wished she had herself. Free from fear. Free from pain. 

Carly and Kyle desperately yearn for a family of their own. Will Tabitha’s choice give them that chance?

And can they all find what they desire most…




Book 2: Dear Tabitha

Tabitha Fletcher has sacrificed so much while losing everything she loves. Emerging from her lowest point, she’s determined to heal and repair the shattered life she refuses to accept as her reality. She deserves better than the hand she’s been dealt. And the one person who she yearns for has turned his back on her.

Alex Treadway’s entire world has come crashing down, causing him to walk away from the woman he loves. The horrors of his past continue to haunt him while his present threatens to spiral out of control. As the lead singer of one of the world’s biggest bands, Alex needs to find a reality better than the one he’s living. The one person who helped destroy everything may be the only one that can help him love again.

When Tabby and Alex’s lives cross again will they travel down a collision course to destruction or forgiveness? Can they find it in themselves to love again? 

Will they be able to earn…




Book 3: Dear Juliet

Two best friends connected by childhood, broken by tragedy and healed by trust.

He’s known her since the third grade.

He’s loved her since their teen years.

But her heart belonged to his best friend.

Everything changes when a tragic accident threatens to destroy both of their lives.

Juliet Oliver was adopted at birth and has always been haunted by the reality that she wasn’t wanted. Despite her loving family, she emotionally detaches from everyone in her life, except for one person. He’s been a rock and a much needed source of support, love, and encouragement.

Seth Tyson has had his share of tumultuous relationships. He’s constantly battling his own demons, led by issues at home. His father is a womanizer. His mother is an alcoholic, battling depression. But he makes a choice to leave his family behind and start a new life across the country.

When Juliet’s life spirals out of control, she needs her best friend Seth more than anything. Can he stop her from self-destructing? And will he open his heart to her once more?

Can they each find…




These books are not suitable for young readers. They are intended for mature adults only (18+). They contain strong language, adult/sexual situations, non-consensual sex, and some violence.

August 3
Trudy Stiles LLC
Trudy Stiles

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