Forgotten Promise Forgotten Promise
Book 1 - Trinity Masters: Crossroads Contempt

Forgotten Promise

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He broke my heart, betrayed me. It will be a cold day in hell before I let Benjamin Dara touch me again. No matter what the Grand Master says.


She's the only woman I've ever loved, and the only woman on earth I'd ever want to marry.

But she's in danger, and even if Kailani hates me for it, I'll do anything to protect her.


I wanted the one thing I've never had; a family that will never leave or abandon me.

Now I find out my husband and wife hate each other...and I may never get the family I've dreamed of.

February 10
Mari Carr Books LLC
Mari Carr Books LLC

Customer Reviews

Brightndays ,

Will this Trinity survive when time runs out?

Forgotten Promise is the first book in the Trinity Masters: Crossroads Contempt series. Kailani, John, and Benjamin are matched together for their wedding, but there’s bad history between two of them. Before their fate can be decided, the Trinity Masters are under attack. Between a rush against time, a hidden legacy, and now lusting after their partners, this potential trinity has a serious task to complete, but will this marriage survive when the time runs out?

Oh man, I was completely hooked on this book and needed to know what would happen next! There is so much going on within these pages, about half that have to do with the series, the other half having to do with the relationship, and I loved every second I spent reading. If you’re looking for something with serious action, angst, passion, all the emotions, a rush against time, and lots of potentials for danger, this is absolutely the book (and series) for you. I loved all three main characters, and they all brought something to the table. I loved John I think the most, because of his background and how much he just wanted someone to want and love and fight for him. Kailani and Benjamin were great, though, too, in their own ways. Brave and bold and arrogant and I think my favorite part about all three of them was that they were all a bit scared and all wanted to be wanted. They made a great team, when they could put the past aside and could stay focused on the task, even if that task was winning the trust back of their broken Trinity. I loved this book. I am already feeling so invested in the twists and turns that are facing the society and I’m dying to both reread the entire series and to get the next book!

RowenaB10 ,

An edge of your seat must read!

An edge of your seat addition to the series! The Trinity Masters society is under attack and temporary leaders is activated. In this chaos Kailani, John, and Benjamin is still in the beginning of finding their footing with their relationship. Kailani and Ben has a history that ended without a HEA and when they find themselves partnered with John it brings their past to life. Will they be able to find their forever with all the chaos that surrounds their society? One click to find out in this must one click new release that doesn’t disappoint.

Cheryl33610 ,

The suspense is killing me

More twisty, turny goodness in the Trinity Masters series, which I have missed tremendously while traveling around Europe with the Masters Admiralty. Not saying I don't love those books as well, but I've missed the Grand Master and all the goings on in the U.S. Plus, whereas the society may not have begun here, the book series did. So, we know from the start that GM Juliette and one of her hubbies, Devon, has been kidnapped. And that's all you're getting from me. Other than, we have quite a few cameos from old favorite, and maybe not so favorite, depending on your tastes, TM members. We meet the newest trinity in Kailani, Benjamin and John, and right off the bat, there's friction between them...and it's not the sexy kind! I'll admit that there was someone within this trio that I didn't really care for at first, but I'll keep that identity to myself. One I adored, which I will reveal was John. His personality, back story and character was the most endearing for me. Crossroads Contempt is a trilogy in the sense that each book will have a new trinity, but I'm thinking that this arc will deal with the kidnapping across all the books. And for those who are new to the TM/MA world, jumping in with Forgotten Promise might not seem as daunting as starting from book 1, Elemental Pleasure. Of course, if you're like me, you'll then binge all the books you can, while still working, living your life and feeding any pets or humans who are responsible for! But you'll have plenty of time, since the next book, Stolen Faith, isn't being released until October. I guess I'll be re-reading this series as well. Tough job, but I'm willing to make the sacrifice ;)

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