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A Cinderella story with a hot boss so charming even a fairy godmother couldn't do better.

Everyone thinks Dax Marshall is a prince of a guy. And he’s definitely charming.

But Jane has enough going on without adding a torrid fling with the boss to her life. Between her father’s illness, her wicked-ish stepmother, her little sister’s teenage drama, and the co-workers who depend on her---she can’t handle another mess.

No matter how tempting and gorgeous the mess may be. Or how messy he wants to get with her

Dax has spent his life being very serious about only one thing: proving you can be successful while still having a helluva good time. But he’s just met the one woman who might break his I-can-charm-anyone streak. She’s taking him seriously...and she seriously thinks they have nothing in common.

Maybe he’s the one who needs a new view of happily ever after. It’s time to stop forking around.

May 12
EN Fiction, Inc.
EN Fiction, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Xiaguan2014 ,

Dax and Jane

Dax...….the life of the party, the pleaser, the grand gestures guy
Jane...…the care taker, the Cinderella, the one who everyone looks to for help

Can they work.....how can they not! This is a fun, flirty, fabulous book that takes strawberries on many fun adventures!

A MUST read!

Cheryl SDS ,

He’s got a heart of gold!

4.5 Stars
This fun and sexy book is the second in the Hot Cakes series and it features Dax and Jane. From the very moment he saw her, he wanted her. Dax is all fun, all the time. He lives to make others happy and Jane is number one on his list. His grand gesture freaked her out a little...no, A LOT! Is he the type to stick around or is he just a millionaire who’s throwing his money around looking for the next fun adventure?

This book was so much fun to read. Dax is such a fun guy. I adore how he basically lives to make Jane‘s life better. Her character growth is awesome! The story line is amazing and all the characters are fantastic. I am definitely looking forward to reading Josie‘s story next.

Lynn B888 ,

Loved this hero

4 1/2 STARS!

Erin Nicholas may have just handed us her best hero yet! With book two of her much-loved Hot Cakes series she more than delights with Dax who had me smiling throughout the entire book. He's sexy, he's funny, and he's just self-assured enough to make it adorable. FORKING AROUND was a super fun read with laughter, steam and lots of heartfelt moments.

Jane Kemper is very easy to like. She is everybody's go-to when something is going on in their life, and she takes pride in helping in any way she can ... but she's gotta admit, her plate is pretty much overflowing these days.

Dax Marshall is perfectly happy living an upbeat lifestyle with fun and no worries, but the moment he sets eyes on Jane, he's floored. He immediately knows she's going to be his ... and it's going to be a fun ride convincing her!

I highly recommend this story as well as the previous one in the series. This group of friends and business partners are hilarious and watching them fall for "the one" when she crosses their path is the bomb. Looking forward to more in the series!

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