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Book Five of the Zero Cost Self Publishing Series is here!

Focused specifically on developing your book manuscript to professional standards using Microsoft Word 2003.

Want to create a book manuscript for publishing? This is the book for you.
Learn the secrets to interior layout, design and formatting. Produce a professional quality manuscript ready for publishing your book, and to do it all yourself, at absolutely no cost!

Please note that as this book is part of a series on self publishing there will be some areas of overlap across the books. However, every effort has been made to ensure the overlap is minimal, only where absolutely required, and each book contains everything you need for the specific area described.

Aimed specifically at the use of Microsoft Word 2003 tools and techniques, this book provides a complete guide for the professional design and formatting of your manuscript ready for publication to paperback. Learn to create front matter, title, copyright, dedication, tables of content and disclaimer pages. Create professional looking chapter headings, page headers and footers. Create master styles, learn when to use multiple fonts and when not. Build a complete manuscript ready for publication. Then, using one of the other books in the Zero Cost Series, publish your manuscript to international markets, including Amazon US, UK and Europe, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and others, all at zero cost.

This book provides pictorial and descriptive guides that are easy understand, easy to follow and there are absolutely no costs involved. When you're finished, your books will be ready for publication. No need to hire typesetters or design staff. No need to purchase high end publication tools or software. Do it yourself at no cost and achieve professional results. Techniques can be readily applied to any type of book you've written.

This book provides you with everything you need to know to professionally format your book manuscript at no cost, all laid out in an easy to follow workflow.

Buy it today, be ready to publish tomorrow!

Other books in the Zero Cost Self Publishing Series are focused specifically on other topics, including paper book production at CreateSpace, eBook publishing on Smashwords and on Kindle KDP, how to manage photographs, how to use graphics tools and other publishing related subjects.

Professional & Technical
October 20
Stephen C Norton
Smashwords, Inc.

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