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You love a good mystery. The first one is: which book do you start with?

It took Rafe Vega five years to figure out a horrific crime had been committed against his family, and another three to figure out what to do about it. The only one left standing, he thinks he knows what happened to his wife and daughters. But Fortune Flores is hiding secrets even she doesn’t know.

With the FBI looking for the girl, Rafe has to make them understand he’s not what they think he is. The eight-year-old is going to help him prove how his own family was methodically destroyed. Is Fortune the key he thinks she is? Or will her DNA prove him a liar?

Fortune is a two book set that tells the same story from two perspectives by a USA Today bestselling author. Learn more about the secrets eight-year-old Fortune is hiding. Find out why was Fortune taken. . .

FORTUNE'S two books follow the same timeline, so you can read either one first. We call it an "E-quel." If you can’t decide which book to start with, let our randomizer pick for you!

Mysteries & Thrillers
April 10
Griffyn Ink
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Customer Reviews

Demeter1973 ,

Smart Thriller

A smart, savvy read with more twists and turns than a roller coaster. Will keep you guessing until the end! You'll go back and re-read whichever version you started with to see all of the clues fall into place. Great for thriller junkies!

happycat36 ,

I asked for it!

Liz Bearden’s Review of
Fortune (gray)
AJ Scudiere

Well….I plead (intensely) for a new book, but apparently, the intense part was inserted into the plot. Although I was almost frantic to know who this man was to the child he abducted, she strung it out, clue by clue, forcing the reader to attempt to solve the mystery simultaneously with her abductor. Needless to say, I lost even more sleep. Because of the authenticity of the characters, in this book, as well as previous ones, I am impressed at the depth of understanding shown for the feelings of each one. When I compare this book with my favorite, “The Shadow Constant”, or Felix’s favorite, probably “Resonance”, and other family favorites, it’s hard not to suspect that A.J. may be a closet psychologist, or maybe a schizophrenic. Don’t sue me A.J. I am a devoted fan. This offering will no doubt have expectant parents checking their paperwork including bills and birth certificates thoroughly. Going on the past books, I suspect that a lot of research went into this. Without giving away the plot or the ending {?}, this is a book to start if you can block out some time to binge, and let the phone pick up messages. Everyone got the brushoff, while I finished this one. By the time I finished, I was so invested in the welfare of the adorable child, and the endearing qualities of the abductor, it was frustrating to come to an end.

I would give this one five stars, but maybe I should withhold half of one until I read
Fortune (red).

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