Forty Acres

A Thriller

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Publisher Description

“A thriller in a class by itselfbrilliant and scary!” Terry McMillan

Read the page-turning, provocative thriller that will forever change the way you think about slavery and its legacy in today’s America.

Martin Grey, a smart, talented black lawyer working out of a storefront in Queens, becomes friendly with a group of some of the most powerful, wealthy, and esteemed black men in America. He’s dazzled by what they’ve accomplished, and they seem to think he has the potential to be as successful as they are. They invite him for a weekend away from it all—no wives, no cell phones, no talk of business. But far from home and cut off from everyone he loves, he discovers a disturbing secret that challenges some of his deepest convictions…

Martin finds out that his glittering new friends are part of a secret society dedicated to the preservation of the institution of slavery—but this time around, the black men are called “Master.” Joining them seems to guarantee a future without limits; rebuking them almost certainly guarantees his death. Trapped inside a picture-perfect, make-believe world that is home to a frightening reality, Martin must find a way out that will allow him to stay alive without becoming the very thing he hates.

A novel of rage and compassion, good and evil, trust and betrayal, Forty Acres is the thought-provoking story of one man’s desperate attempt to escape the clutches of a terrifying new moral order.

Mysteries & Thrillers
July 1
Atria Books
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Customer Reviews

LAA54 ,

A must read!!

This is one book that was hard to put down.

LBondsEsq ,

Forty Acres

This book was phenomenal! It was a superbly written page turner. I don't usually read mysteries, but I took a chance because this book came highly recommended. It was really worth it. The characters were believable and written in a way that you could visualize them. I told my teenage son about the book and his immediate response was that it should be made into a movie! Even more exciting is the fact that the door was left wide open for a second installment of this book. I am ready for part two!

LisaEDee ,

This Book Will Make You Think

This book really made me think in Lieu of all that is going on in the world where racism is concerned, if I had it in me to be a Darryl, or a Tobias or a Solomon.Its interesting because I could relate a whole lot to how they feel and even why they thought the way that they did but to actually pull off or to treat another human being as they did, I'd have to question myself if I could go through with that. on the flipside of that we know that many of our ancestors were treated in these deplorable and demeaning ways. And to see and hear in the media today people be so dismissive and not try to even understand what our ancestors went through it really drives home why the characters in this book did what they did but the human part of me, the God part of me, just cannot imagine or fathom treating another human being in that way no matter how our ancestors were done. I hope I'm not a victim of the black of the black noise, lol. In the words of Michelle Obama, " when the go low we go high" this book was goooood! Get it!

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