Found Missing Found Missing
Book 14 - Decorah Security Series

Found Missing

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From New York Times and USA Today Best-Selling Author, Rebecca York

When Jenny Seaver escapes from her worst nightmare, she hopes she has found a refuge with Decorah Security agent Grant Bradley. But deep in her heart, she knows safety is only an illusion. Can she risk the night of passion they both wanted before she disappeared from his life?

Grant's need for Jenny defies any danger. But unless she decides to trust him with the secrets of her past, the evil that followed her could destroy them both.


Even as Grant had helped her boost her self-confidence, she'd kept a barrier between them. It was partly because she didn't want him to get hurt. And partly because she simply couldn't let down her guard. But as he stood facing her today in the pool, she knew something had changed between them. Or more accurately she had changed, and she was going to reach for what she had wanted for too long.

She took a step closer, seeing the surprise in his eyes. He said her name again, as she reached for him. When his arms came up to fold her into his embrace, she sighed and closed her eyes, blocking out everything except the man who held her water-slick body against his. When he gathered her closer, she leaned into him, no longer able to deny the needs and emotions that had been building within her.

"Thank God," he growled, the words barely above a whisper before his lips came down on hers, his large hands stroking up and down her back. When he cupped her bottom she felt herself pulled against the rigid flesh straining at the front of his bathing trunks.

She had lived like a nun the whole time she had been at the Mirador Hotel. No more. And she knew he was tuned to the responses she had struggled to hold in check.

He made a low sound deep in his chest as he played with the straps of her bathing suit, slipping his hands underneath to caress the skin of her shoulders and then the tops of her breasts.

Had she ever felt anything so exquisite as the stroking of his fingers against her wet skin?

The touch was light, but it set her body on fire. She forgot her own warning, forgot everything but his taste--his touch. And her own swelling response.

She felt desperation rising inside her. Not the desperation to escape that had sent her hurtling from the people who were holding her captive back in her old life.

This was a desperation to finally get as close as she could to Grant Bradley.

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"Rebecca York delivers page-turning suspense."

--Nora Roberts

(Rebecca York) is a real luminary of contemporary series romance

--Michael Dirda, The Washington Post Book World

Rebecca York’s writing is fast-paced, suspenseful, and loaded with tension.

--Jayne Ann Krentz

"A true master of intrigue."

--Rave Reviews

"Rebecca York's fast-paced suspense, innovative stories and sexy characters set the standard for paranormal romantic suspense."

--Ann Voss Peterson

September 1
Light Street Press
Ruth Glick

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