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A standalone romantic comedy of epically awkward proportions, from New York Times bestselling author, Emma Hart.

Imagine this.
You’re ready to leave after a one-night stand, and you’re figuring out how to—shock horror—leave your number and ask him to be your fake boyfriend for your sister’s wedding this weekend.
When he wakes up.
Well, that happened to me. And over coffee and omelets, I found myself a date.

Which was how I ended up arriving at the wedding with a guy I knew nothing about.
I didn’t know his last name, or how we met, or how long we’d been dating. I didn’t know where he grew up, what he’d majored in in college, or how many siblings he had.
I sure as hell didn’t know he was Adam Winters, hotshot hockey player—and not only my father’s favorite player, but my little nephew’s freakin’ idol.
Which means I’m in trouble. Big, big trouble.
My mother is suspicious, my sister is bridezilla on crack, and my grandpa will tell anyone who’ll listen about his time in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.
Four days.
I have to keep this up for four days, and then Adam and I can return to our regular lives, where we don’t have sex whenever we’re alone and my family aren’t interrogating him over his intentions with me.

At least, that’s the plan.
And we all know what happens to those.

July 24
Emma Hart
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Customer Reviews

Bocarb ,

Red Hot Attraction

So I’ve been a little lax in my Emma Hart books, but the minute I start back up, I forget what drew me away. I love the way her snarky heroines know just the right way to make me laugh (or giggle) out loud when I’m alone or in public (it happens a lot!). This book was no different. Awkward beginning through the awkward getting to know you and finishing with the HEA. The red hot attraction between Poppy and Adam helped ensure the public giggles were warranted.

khubbard414 ,

Great story, clumsy grammar

I really enjoyed reading this book and how funny and sarcastic Poppy is. BUT, the grammar mistakes were really annoying. It isn’t just one or two either, there’s several in each chapter and for a paid book, it’s a little disappointing to see them...also, it seemed like someone choked on their drink every paragraph...other than that it was a fun read.

Samantha B. Sokol ,

Realistic Love Story

Yet another great read from Emma Hart! Every style of book that she writes are always enjoyable, engaging, and leave you hooked. Poppy is pretty much the black sheep in her family, doing life at her own pace and to the beat of her own drum. After a drunken night, she decides the best method to handling a weekend with her family is to have a fake date, which she finds through a one night stand, and with her luck ends up agreeing. Along with Poppy’s luck is that she doesn’t know exactly who her date is, and soon realizes this with minutes and neither of them truly understand what they got themselves into. Naturally, Adam found exactly what he never thought he was looking for – someone who did not recognize him or be interested in him because of his career or net worth. This ends up being a story of what happens after a one night stand where they don’t necessarily walk away and never see each other again. I truly enjoyed the character of Poppy as she was her own person no matter what her family or society wanted or demanded of her. She is independent and different than most female characters in books, which is something Emma does so well with providing. The story line doesn’t end past those four days, making it a more realistic situation, while also showing Poppy’s independence through her personality. In the end, Poppy and Adam end up together, but it’s done in a more realistic way than other similar reads.

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